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10 Chic Ways To Decorate With Animal Print

Animal print has been out on the prowl for years. It’s one of those prints you either love or love to hate ether or the pattern is here to stay! We love to use it in the home; however, while we might love using it others might not know how to do so. That is where we come into play. Here is a guide on chic ways to decorate with animal print that does not include your wardrobe or hidden tricks. It’s a simple, straight-forward method to create an outstanding animal print filled the display.

Lounge Chairs

Instead of having one lounge chair, consider bringing in another in another print for a funky display that oh so stylish.

If you truly want to make a large statement in your living room, going for animal print lounge chairs is the way to go. Lounge chairs are not only relaxing, but they make a bold statement on their own. Consider using two chairs to make the most statement. Furthermore, consider adding in colored animal print for an enhanced feature that truly makes the room come to life. Keep the rest of your décor chic and upscale for that fun and flirty element.

Throw Pillows

Mix and match your animal print throw pillows to bring a fun twist, that brightens your overall decor.

For those that want just a hint of animal print, throw pillows is the way to go. Furthermore, you want to blend your animal pattern pillows with throw pillows you already have. The idea is to create this seamless approach that feels new and airy without being over the top. Add colorful pillows in the mix to create a modern approach that makes perfect sense in the room. Think of it as the ultimate youthful, display of patterns and colors.


Pair your printed stools with a throw pillow or two to bring a cohesive aesthetic to the room.

If you’re looking to make a punch, without overbearing the room, having animal print stools is the way to go. It’s a simple form of having that grand touch without taking away from your décor. Besides, it’s one of those decorative items that can be the main element or could sit in the corner and play a more low-key appeal. Add your stools in an awkward corner or an area that needs something to spice it up and make the room feel more fun.


Bring your rug to the middle of the room for a well-rounded look that makes sense to your decor.

One of the most common, and fun ways to bring animal print to the home is through a rug. Rugs are fun, bring intimacy, and even help a room feel more put together. Animal print rugs are one of the most versatile, and traditional options due to how easy to use they are. Furthermore, they come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and options to choose from. You want to bring the rug in a room that feels a bit empty. Keep the palette, crisp to ensure the rug makes the main statement.


If you’re a bit worried about the intensity of having an animal print wallpaper, consider a neutral print instead.

Before, thinking “absolutely not” do not discard using animal print wallpaper. Wallpaper is back on trend and we are loving it. To make it even grander we love the idea of using an animal printed wallpaper. When working with animal print its best to display it in neutral rooms. Not because it could be too “loud” but due to it making a more appealing statement. Think of it as the cherry on top of a sleek room. It’s one of the best forms of getting personality in right where you need it best.


Animal print doesn’t always have to be bold and in your face, it can be soft and subtle instead. For that soft element, add a neutral animal print sofa to brighten the room, yet not take away from it.

Why hide something when you can make it stand out. Instead of hiding your animal print, give it the winning chance by making it the main focus. What better way to do just that than to have an animal print sofa smacked in your living room! The idea is to have this unique element take over your décor and make it the grand factor that brightens the room while making it feel almost seamless. Pair with sleek bits to make the room have a personality of its own.

Bring it to the Dining Room

Bring it back to the dining room by displaying a modern aesthetic. Do so by bringing color into your display.

While the dining room might not seem like the very first place to include animal print, it actually can be. Here’s the thing, the dining room is one of the most used areas of the home, which is why we love the idea of bringing a stylish twist. To do that we love the idea of bringing animal print directly to the dining room. The best way to do that is by adding in upholstered chairs with animal print or bringing in a bench with an animal print finish. Furthermore, you can try animal print decorative bits and display them in the dining room to enhance the appeal.

Upholstered Benches

Add in an additional bench to bring two seating options to the room, that feels charming while having that animal print touch.

Another room that might need sprucing up is the bedroom. Many times, when we are decorating multiple areas of the home we tend to forget about the bedroom. Whether that be due to being busy or simply not being able to do so. If you need a quick, fresh upgrade bringing in animal print upholstered benches is the way to go. They’re easy to work with, can be moved around and look great when paired with a multitude of decorative bits. Additionally, they work great in various decorating styles.

Accent Chair

When selecting your animal print chairs, have fun. Consider an animal print that makes the room feel grandiose yet chic.

Sometimes all a room needs to come back to life is one piece of furniture that feels fresh and new. To do that consider bringing an accent chair into the mix. Accent chairs are great due to how easy they are to move around. Furthermore, they work great in any space, the key is having a neutral room and allow the accent chair to feel like the main bit. The accent chair should feel as engaging as possible to the room while still being refreshing.

Mix & Match Prints

Bring a fun, eclectic twist to your living room by having animal print blended with a bold colorful aesthetic.

Why have one animal print when you can have multiple ones?! Consider having a display of animal prints to make the room feel grander. There’s a chic, sleekness that comes from having a mix and match feel when you’re blending animal prints or other fun patterns. Bring on that fun side by displaying two or more prints in the same room and pairing them with an eclectic color palette.

Are you afraid of incorporating animal print in your home? If so, share with us your fears below.


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