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100% Corian Kitchen from MK Style – 012 Kitchen Design

MK Style 012 Kitchen is made from 100% Corian
The crisp new 012 kitchen design from MK Style is entirely made up from 12mm thick Corian! For fans of this versatile and hardwearing material, the 012 Glacier White will be a dream realised. Geometric, precise lines rendered sleekly in Corian characterise all elements of the kitchen, from the kitchen island, to the spacious wall units, to the wall-mounted cabinets… Even the basin is moulded from a single sheet of Corian for a seamless unity of all elements. Doors are opened with a groove that runs the length of each, lit by cold-light-producing LEDs. Gaggenau electrical appliances are set within the Corian wall units, their modern stainless steel finish echoed by the table extension of the kitchen island. A kitchen to accompany you into the future, the bright and innovative 012 kitchen is from MK Style.
MK Style 012 Kitchen - hanging sideboard
MK Style 012 Kitchen sideboard

MK Style 012 Kitchen appliances
MK Style 012 Kitchen - island


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