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36 Modern Farmhouse Kitchens That Fuse Two Styles Perfectly

Farmhouse style doesn’t have to be kitschy or too rustic, in fact, if you add a contemporary spin on the overall design you may surprise yourself wit how polished the end result can be. And when it comes to your kitchen, it’s quite easy to do. So let’s five in and check out these 38 modern farmhouse kitchens and how they fuse two opposite interior design styles perfectly.

Beautiful creamy kitchen design

A beautiful, creamy kitchen perfect for family homes, you see a hint of modern, industrial styles blended with a rawer, farmhouse styles et throughout the wooden floors and cabinet choices. The neutral color also helps set the tone nicely. (via)

Modern kitchen with island and bar chairs

House by Hoff always gives beautiful home and interior design inspiration. Here we too see how beautifully modern styles and farmhouse vibes can blend in a naturally, subtle way. This space has quite an easy charm about it, don’t you think?

Farmhouse kitchen style with metallic bar chairs

City Farmhouse has some great inspiration too. Just look at this light and bright kitchen with it’s modern textures and industrial, country-esque infusion. Those chairs, the hardwood floor and light fixtures make the perfect contrast.

White charming farm kitchen with two islands

Over at House of Jade you’ll find another beautiful kitchen design we’re swooning for. The foundation is sleek and contemporary but the layers of texture and natural wood pieces give it that pop of farmhouse flavor we’re craving.

Hardwood floor for a farm kitchen

Houzz offered up this beauty. It’s a bit darker in tone and a bit more masculine than the previous contenders but we’re loving that extra edge. Then, when you add these chic hardwood floors and stools, mixed with the ever-changing textures, you are left with a gorgeous and unique fusion of styles.

Industrial farmkitchen style

This kitchen looks a bit like an artist’s nook. Cook up some dream meals in this naturally-lit space. The open-shelving and mixed medium put this Houzz find on our list of perfect farmhouse – modern pairs.

Farmhouse style kitchen design

Here we see a farmhouse-styled foundation taking place. The wood floors, the exposed beams and the natural finish peeking out from the island, the light bit of contemporary flair in the tools and hardware move the room forward. (via)

Modern Kitchen style with window seating

We found this beauty rummaging on Pinterest and were inspired too much not to share. The lightness and easy of both modern edges and farmhouse warmth really light the way throughout the design and décor theme.

Soft and subtile farmhouse style kitchen

The farmhouse touches here are a bit softer and more subtle. It’s an obvious contemporary, traditional kitchen but when paired with those chocolate floors and countertops along with the bit of open-shelving, you calm down the style and add that laidback feel in with ease. (via)

Feminine kitchen style decor

HGTV enlighten up with this beauty. It’s modern, it’s feminine and it’s one of the most fashionable kitchens we’ve ever seen. It’s romanticized a bit though with it’s wooden additions and green touches.

Popular style kitchen farmhouse

Jeanne Campania shows us another way, a less obvious way, to fuse these two popular styles together. All the elements of this kitchen are farmhouse quality but it’s the shapes and clean edges that provide that crisp, modern look we love.

Traditional Kitchen Style Design

Here’s another family-oriented, traditional kitchen that has both design genres sewn throughout its scale. It’s clean, it’s fresh and it has a lot of elements that we all want in a functioning space. (via)

Farmhouse with wood beams and raw edges of wood

Over at AAD, we found this beauty. Mixing with industrial, raw edges and wooden, farmhouse ties, you get an interesting kitchen that provides as much style as it does utilization for the family.

Wood floor and chevron patterns in kitchen

HGTV gives us some great peeks, including this corner of the kitchen. We have wood floors with a chevron pattern, wooden stools, cream cabinets and lighting that blend so beautifully together we don’t even question the seamless pairing of styles.

Farmhouse kitchen design with industrial chairs

We’re loving the focal point of this kitchen, making it a great spot for prepping, entertaining or just sitting down for an evening bite. It’s also the central focus for the style of the space as well. Thanks City Farmhouse!

Reclaimed wood floor in a farmhouse kitchen

Pinterest blesses us again with this chic beauty. Everything about this minimalistic space speaks volume of modern kitchen design but that slight bit of wood, with it’s natural and raw edges, make it an easy fusion.

Concrete floor kitchen design with wooden beams

Here’s another kitchen that grabs its core from those exposed beams. Paring that rawer look with a crisp, white foundation starts the pairing of modern interior design and farmhouse essence off with a luxurious ease. (via)

Natural kitchen design with influence of farmhouse

Sifting through Daily Herald we found this gem. Highlighted by the creamy nature and overall, feminine appeal, there’s a lot of classic, farmhouse elements hidden throughout the design but with hardware and light fixture that keep it contemporary.

Patterned accent wall with bright space

Jeanna Campana adds a bit of whimsical charm with this design. A patterned accent wall pairs nicely with this bright space. We’re loving the textural differences and its contrast to the clean foundation.

Open shelving farmhouse design

Ultimate Christoph shows us how classic, farmhouse open-shelving can be transformed into a more modern look. Here again we see a perfect blend of texture and contemporary design honed inside a spacious and open area.

Neutral colors for farmhouse design

Using a neutral, creamy tone as your kitchen’s foundation gives a beautiful, clean slate that sets a nice scene or a farmhouse style. But when paired with those so much natural lighting and traditional accents, you get a more present design genre as well. (via City Farmhouse)

Open space farmhouse kitchen design

There’s a studio vibe being mixed inside this gorgeous, open kitchen and we love the freeness of it all. That contemporary tone then plays nicely with all the natural, wood pieces giving birth to that country-esque vibe as well. (via)

Stainless steel accents for kitchen

This beauty from Icon Home Design mixes distressed wooden pieces with stainless steel appliances in such a seamless way. Fortunately, this design gives you everything you’d want in a space, from texture to interest in all the right places.

Black kitchen farmhouse design

Centsational Girl gives us a classic, black and white kitchen design full of contemporary tone and a pinch of farmhouse flavor thrown in. We see that in the sprinkle of natural wood that pops throughout that open shelving system. And the light, hardwood floor is a homey touch as well.

Traditional warm kitchen decor

This is a great example of a traditional, family kitchen that’s been accented with vintage flair. This antique pieces living center stage in the space is such a unique, upcycled project that enhances that cozy, farmhouse style we all crave. (via)

Kitchen design with simple nuances

This kitchen design is a bit simpler but the nuances we’re looking for are easily spotted. We see a bit of feminine, modern flair woven throughout the appliances and light fixtures but paired with the deep hardwood floors, and traditional cabinetry, you get a homelike vibe we all love inside our homes. (via)

Beautiful inspiration kitchen

Pinterest does it again, providing us with some beautiful inspiration. We found this kitchen peek that has both a soft, cottage essence and a chicness that only contemporary styles contain. The crisp white foundation and tile floors set the foundation for that easy blend.

Wood accents for farmhouse kitchen

Callier & Thompson gives us a more unique kitchen design. From the stone accent wall, marble and wood, you have so many textures coming together to create a fashion-forward and interesting style.

Stunning kitchen design

This stunning kitchen from Blesser House may be our personal favorite. The farmhouse sink, crisp whites and darker hardware choices give us a unique take on modern farmhouse design.

Texture in kitchen for a cool look

And here’s another peek at the Blesser House kitchen we were just swooning for. Again, we see a beautiful mix of textures and crisp neutrals that blend these two styles with grace and elegance.

Polished kitchen style

Home Bunch delights us with this polished kitchen style. The stools, the floor and the backsplash are three standout elements that mesh well with farmhouse styles and modern visions.

Farmhouse kitchen design with contemporary accents

This kitchen is contemporary at first glance but you’ll be able to spot those farmhouse elements with ease as well. The slight open shelves and pops of wood tend to soften all of the sleek edges. (via)

Yellow farmhouse kitchen design

Even when you’re mixing two opposite styles, you can use bright colors. This sunshine yellow sets the tone for a cheerful, unique space filled with organic elements you’d find inside farmhouse designs as well as the clean and crispness of modern rooms. (via)

Industrial kitchen design

From the lights to the floor, Cambria gives us a more masculine and edgier take on a modern farmhouse kitchen. We love the bit of roughness and darker tones sewn throughout.

Overall Kitchen Fron Stool 0002
Overall Kitchen Fron Stool 0002

Decor Pad shows off a smaller kitchen that’s dipped in farmhouse flair. But we still see, thanks to the stainless steel, again, and the light fixture choices, a pop of contemporary style as well.

Country kitchen design

Here’s a grander, country kitchen that only has a few nods to the modern style we love. The island’s design and the stainless alliance and hardware choices set off this rustic space quite nicely. (via)

White ceiling kitchen design

Pinterest does it again with this beauty. Less clutter, updated appliances, soft wood tones … all of this make a beautiful fusion that’s both romantic and welcoming.


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