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Beautiful Farmhouse Style Ranch Home designed for Outdoor Living

LMK Interiors motto is to use color therapy intervention on the homes that they remodel and while Alamo Farmhouse boasts a neutral palette both inside and out, neutrals are color and when used in shades from light to dark the effect is pretty awesome. The wide array of soft browns and grays that stretch from the outdoor area straight into the social zone draws you with its cozy, relaxing atmosphere and the fact that the facade is covered in folding glazings that open both sections of wall up make entering the home as easy as if there where no walls at all.

The same can be said from the inside looking out. The color palette and the operable wall of glazings make the division between indoor and outdoor almost imperceptive and the choice of using a close up of tree trunks within the feature painting completes the aesthetic, as does the driftwood horse head, flowers and indoor plants. Even the imagery within the area rug picks up on the sun dappled shade pattern on the decking.
When the glazings are closed, the choice of pale greige on the window surrounds picks up the weathered wood look from the alfresco dining area and simulates the idea of tree trunks, which is further enhanced by the painting over the built in cabinetry.
Aside from creating an organic connection to the outdoor lifestyle, LMK Interiors has also added moments of artistic expression that are unique to an indoor environment such as the beautiful pendant over the dining table. We just love the steel caging around the 4 linear globes.
The wall color of a deep, dark greige allows the walls to settle into the background, enhancing the brilliant emerald greens of the landscape beyond.

A 36″ storage wall separates the dining and living areas but also separates the single and double volumes. Tying the two zones together are the use of white on the exposed living room trusses and the white on the dining ceiling. Also tying the two different volumes together are the use of similar timbers on the continuous floor and the living room ceiling.

The double volume aesthetic is carried through to the kitchen, which finishes the “L” shape of the social zones. This section of the home has had its ceiling opened up creating dramatic appeal via the exposed trusses. The amazing living room pendant further enhances the drama as does the kitchen stove hood in the distance.
The living room pendant reminds us of a beehive, which continues that juxtaposition of man-made elements offering organic appeal. Easily visible from the kitchen the pendant creates a fun connection to the foliage in the gardens just a few feet away.
LMK Interiors cleverly kept the kitchen vibrant by mixing up white and dark cabinetry – leaving the mid-tones to the walls, ceiling and floor. This brings both light and dark into the zone. The Metallic sheen on the stove hood and pendants refract and reflect light to further enhance the vibrancy as does the glass within the wine fridge and cabinetry doors.

Lighting both on the ceiling and incorporated into the custom millwork also plays a major role in keeping the kitchen bright and cheerful and the added touch of a farm sink – well that’s just fun.
Speaking of fun, we love a good chalkboard moment!
As stunning as the indoor/outdoor social zone is, so to is the master suite. Continuing the neutral palette and connection to the outdoors via large expanses of glazings, the sleeping zone extends out from the building footprint, creating easy access to the same outdoor zones as the indoor social zone enjoys.

The bedroom continues the farmhouse moments with a headboard wall of reclaimed wood, a sliding barn door as the entrance to the ensuite and comfy wicker seats in front of the bed. Don’t those wicker seats remind you of a farmhouse porch?

The reclaimed wood aesthetic is continued through to the mirror frames, the stain on the bedside tables, the leather headboard and even on the window blinds.

The ensuite leaves the hard to clean reclaimed wood behind in favor of gleaming white tiles that feature an organic relief pattern simulating foliage – not unlike that which is seen through the window
The brilliant white tiles are balanced by natural stone tiles within the shower, dark millwork and midt-tone greige and much like the kitchen, this balance of light through dark neutrals creates an exciting space – even though it is void of color.
A second bathroom that services the additional bedrooms uses the same shower wall tiles as the master ensuite but changes it up with a natural pebble floor tile and open shelving on the cabinetry.
Not only are the natural pebbles a great way of adding an organic element with depth of color, they are also a natural no slip surface due to the surface irregularities within the pebbles.
A small mosaic tile is used on the floor of this second bathroom while heavily veined marble tiles are used as art on the wall. The marble tiles have all been book matched from one slab to create a continuous pattern. By creating tiles out of the slab, the end product does not have to stay thick to avoid cracking.
The third bathroom is a powder room just off of the entrance. This room appears to continue the all neutral palette but its hiding a secret.
Lets all yell it out “RED”. With no exposure to the outdoor environment, LMK Interiors took this opportunity to bring in a blast of red and blue within vintage prints. While not neutral, they continue the farmhouse theme as does that amazing sink.
Just when you thought that neutrality was the name of the game in all the rooms with windows, LMK Interiors respected the needs and requirements of the owner’s daughter and filled her room with her favorite color – and check out that ceiling!
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