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Corten Steel Birds Tree House by Maandag: Birdtreehut

Corten Steel Birds Tree House by Maandag: Birdtreehut

This bird house, proposed by Dutch company Maandag Meubels, is actually more than just a bird house. The actual bird house is perched on one of the branches of the corten steel tree it comes along with. The rusty...

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21 Nov 2013 | Garden Accessories

The Watercabinet Is A Rainwater Storage System And Greenhouse

The Watercabinet Is A Rainwater Storage System And Greenhouse

Throughout the growing season, gardeners of every level are starting seeds, boosting seedling growth, and watering plants. Francien Hazen, a conceptual thinker, wanted to create a cabinet that would take into account all three of these cycles. The final...

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27 Sep 2013 | Garden Accessories

Basalt Slab Benches from Stone Forest - new landscape sculpture collection


Perfection was achieved with these basalt slab benches from Stone Forest. And this is by no means an overstatement. The benches are made out of polished basalt, a type of volcanic rock that requires over a million years to achieve natural oxidization. Stone Forest shows appreciation towards nature and works with the original shape of the stone. The process implies carving the bench out of solid blocks of basalt. While the top seating surface is flawlessly polished, the sides retain its rough finish. The final product reveals a first-class design and excellent appearances. Dimensions vary from six to eight feet in length, but custom sizes will be produced if requested. Want an extra shine added to your landscape? Nothing can be more captivating out there in the garden than a strange light reflected of the basalt slab bench from Stone Forest.

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24 Feb 2009 | Garden Accessories

Colored Concrete Vessel by Deborah Brackenbury - multi-functional outdoor / indoor vessels


If you ever thought of having a multifunctional concrete vessel around the house, Deborah Brackenbury has created the perfect product. The Impure Vessels are hand-made and come in a variety of colored patterns. If you wonder what makes them so special, it is the process that consists in layering, hand-rolling and hand-cutting colors of concrete. Then, the green concrete is wet-carved and all the colored pieces fit into it. It is because of the concrete that these vessels can be used both inside and outdoors. If you want to make a fruit arrangement on them, you can do it without any worries, because a food-safe waterproof sealant is used for the finish. Other functions? Sure: serving platters, vases, birdbaths or any other decorative design. To purchase concrete vessels, contact Deborah Brackenbury at dbrackenbury @ or 405-360-8662.


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4 Feb 2009 | Garden Accessories

Copper Weathervanes from Outdoor Furniture Plus


Add something special to your backyard shed with the copper weathervanes from Outdoor Furniture Plus. For a humorous touch – the Flying Witch Garden Weatherwane atop your shed – is it the witch of the west of the east? Only the wind can say. For a traditional look, the proud Verdigris Copper Rooster Weathervane will let you know which way the wind is blowing. There is something for everyone, whether you’re hobbies include boating, hunting, bird watching or equestrian ventures. All the weathervanes use weather-resistant metals like Verdigris Copper or Polished Copper for many years of changing winds atop your roof. Available at Outdoor Furniture Plus. Prices range from $50 and up.

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10 Nov 2008 | Garden Accessories

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