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Garden Party Ideas To Embrace Summer

With the warmer weather comes the ability to entertain outdoors and have family and friends over to enjoy a fun garden party. Before you send out your party invites, take a look at some of the stylish garden party ideas that will bring your outdoor space the summery vibes your party needs.

Charming Extra Table

If you can’t find enough chairs for your guests to sit in consider using pillows and creating a charming little space. Doing so will help you create that well-bonded feel while still having a laidback aesthetics.

Short on dining seating? If you already have a seating area for your guests adding a charming little extra table on the side or connected with your table. For that hint of charm, consider using a wood table and adding fresh flowers from your garden to keep the space cohesive and fresh.

Create Ambiance

If you have trees surrounding your table setting you want to add light fixtures directly to them in a hanging manner to create ambiance. This creates a romantic feel that can be further enhanced with lanterns displayed throughout the space.

Having a party outdoors or indoors always involves creating an ambiance that will bring a sense of beauty and bring your décor together. Create an even grander ambiance aesthetics by adding lamps and signs that guide your guests in the right direction as to where the party will take place. Additionally, this is another great way to brighten the space while still having décor bits.

Go Vintage

Using a wood table is the perfect display setting for a vintage appeal. There is something very chic and earthy about having a bold wood feel throughout the area. Pair with natural flowers for that traditional beauty.

By having a vintage twist to your party décor, you have the ability to use items that are already part of your outdoor space. Items such as wood, flowers, bits of trees and/or all three. You can also consider using furniture from inside your home and use it outdoors for that classic vintage feel.

Place Your Furniture Under a Shade

Keep it under the shade for that cozy bit that makes sense and keeps the space cool. If you do not have a tree to place your seating area under consider placing your seating directly under any sheltered area to keep the space cool.

If your party is during the day, then you know how warm it can become. Therefore, you want to place your furniture under some shade for a cooler feeling. You may even want to add an umbrella or two to ensure that not much sun comes towards your guests.

Decorate Your Porch

You can even decorate your porch with signs and/or a bar to further push your theme. Add a few chairs and light fixtures to give your guests a bit of a “waiting area.”

What better way to greet your guests than to have a well-decorated porch. Having a decorative porch allows you to greet your guests first hand before even entering the outdoor party space. Use comfortable furniture pieces while still having that classic decorating feel.

Get Creative

Getting creative can be fun when you work with numerous colors that blend well together. You may even want to consider contrasting hues and working them in as part of your decor. 

Consider decorating the space with multiple different decorating ideas to bring a modern touch that is also creative and fun. You may want to set up stations with different activities that make the space feel open and welcoming. Another idea to consider is having an area for the children separate from the adults.

Drink Stations

When creating your drinks station consider having a large variety that makes your guests feel welcomed and will enjoy having their favorite drinks on display. The key is using drinks that are bright in color and bold in flavor.

What is a summer party without having drinks? Summery, fruity drinks are always refreshing and a top favorite. The key is having pitchers laid out for your guests to serve themselves. Doing so allows you to enjoy more time with your favorite people.

Food Stations

Can’t think of a food station to have? Consider a dessert station instead. It is a fun way to display your desserts and engage your guests. Add an interactive aspect to it to further elevate the station.

Food stations are extremely especially when you are having all kinds of guests. Instead, of having one or two food options you can lay the food out in a buffet kind of style and have food stations designated for the purpose of the party.

Cozy Fireplace

Display your seating in front of your fireplace for a seamlessly cozy appeal. Use similar colors that are fresh and clean while brightening the space yet having that rich fireplace feel.

For a cozy aesthetics add a fireplace. The simplicity of a fireplace paired with the beauty of the great outdoors will bring a soothing vibe that is fun and summery. Keep your party décor simple and charming to further drive the fact that the fireplace is the main focus of the décor.


Why have one chandelier when you can hang multiple ones. Add a romantic charm with soft chandeliers that have an inevitable feminine aesthetics. Pair with subtle floral arrangements to continue the feminine feel even as part of your decor. 

If you have the space for a chandelier go for it! A chandelier is always a good idea when you want to bring a chic touch that also doubles as a light fixture.  additionally, you can add other light fixtures, but a unique and cool chandelier can make a big difference while still being functional.

What other garden party ideas are you using this summer? Share with us some ideas that are currently your favorite in the comments below.


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