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Beautiful, contemporary bird feeder from Neiman Marcus

Both you and the birds will love this beautiful and contemporary bird feeder from Neiman Marcus. The bird feeders add a splash of color to your patio, deck, front or back yard and you can rest easy that squirrels won’t be getting the food. This delicate yet sturdy high-quality ceramic feeder, designed in Belgium, is hung from a chain making it harder for any other animal than birds, to get at the food inside. The oval shape offers a covered area for little birds to sit in and dine, and allows easy access for refilling. These feeders are for more than just for the birds – they provide decor to your yard without adding bulk. The calming colors look great together, while a single one would still set the ambiance for rest, relaxation, and some time to watch nature at work. Buy it for $89 at Neiman Marcus.



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