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Bird House in Mallorca with wings and luxury decks

This luxury resort style residence designed by Spanish architect Alberto Rubio is for the birds! Dubbed the Bird House, this ultra modern home on the island of Mallorca is a surefire showstopper with its crisp, white color palette, indoor / outdoor floor plan, and an all encompassing, overarching roof which is as interesting to view from the exterior as from the interior. Here’s the tour.

The unusual house gets its name from its multiple curved roofs, resembling a bird with its wings outstretched, appearing in mid flight over the sea. The home’s graceful lines and gentle curves indeed remind us of its avian namesake.
As you make your way up the rocky hillside to the house, an artful winding wall echoes the interior of a seashell, its organic spiral luring you in for a closer look.
The white facade is a crisp contrast to the deep blue sky of this idyllic ocean escape. Perched precariously on a rocky cliff side, the house makes the most of these breathtaking vistas with its indoor / outdoor layout.
And to ensure the homeowners enjoy a well-appointed view, this ocean front house is equipped with a huge patio complete with a swimming pool, and luxuriously appointed sitting and lounging areas arranged on a cascading levels leading down to the pool.
Though the house itself is a spectacular sight, these views give it a run for its money!
The stairs are designed around the rocky terrain, incorporating raw nature into this otherwise clean, contemporary design. As you scale the stairs, you find yourself sheltered by the home’s vast white wings. The wood underside softens this contemporary element.
The alfresco lounging area spills inside through glass walls, or openings that let light and air flow as freely as the sea.
The way the house is shaped is almost theatrical, literally, putting its surroundings – nature, neighbors and horizon – at center stage.
Looking in, the house is a vision in white and glass. The white walls, main structural elements and polished floors sparkle against the deep blue backdrop of sea and sky. Furnishings carry that cool, casual aesthetic without sacrificing style, with white, wicker and simplicity defining the direction for interior design.
The living room tucked behind a glass wall remains in full view, overlooking the pool just on the other side. White beams run parallel across the wood ceilings, creating patterns overhead.
Whether you’re inside or outside, you feel like you’re within easy grasp of the distant horizon.
The massive, jagged rocks that make up the exterior environment seem to break through into this ultra modern abode.
Not just a background element, the rocky fixture becomes a central focal point inside the house.
The cool white residence takes shape around this earthy, untreated element rising up through the center of it all.
Echoing the home’s signature levels which define its exterior, interiors also boast platforms which differentiate one living area from the next.
While the palette is minimalist all in white, pillars, steps and architectural curves bring visual interest in the form of shape.
The bedroom is a casual, cool escape – not that the rest of this house is hectic in any way. White walls and floors run up against a wood ceiling with white beams running across. A large sliding glass door opens to the terrace overlooking the water.
The bathroom is a serene spa-style space with almost a cave like feel, thanks to the natural rocks rising just on the other side of the glass walls, providing privacy without compromising natural light.
Ground floor plan:
First floor plan:
Second floor plan:
Alberto Rubio


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