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Sustainable house with three wings that engage the landscape

Maybe it’s the sweeping silhouette, or its connection to the environment, or maybe it’s those eco elements that you can’t see outright that make the Piermont House such a draw. Located in Ballarat, Australia, this house designed by Australian firm Rachcoff Vella Architecture was two years in the making – one year to design it, and one more to build it. But it was certainly worth the wait. Behind its curved exterior walls, cozy interiors and sustainable features are equally alluring for architecture and nature lovers alike. Check it out!

The concrete and wood takes a contemporary form, but still blends beautifully with the natural surroundings. Low to the ground with its arms outstretched, the home’s layout is deceiving at first glance, offering much more than meets the eye.
The house is organized into three wings, culminating in a rectangular glass box acting as the main hub of the home. Here, the kitchen, dining area and light-filled living room welcome social interaction and family life with ever-present views of the grassy landscape.
It’s easy to see how this contemporary house was inspired by nature, perhaps not outright in its form, but certainly in its orientation and outlooks.
The house is positioned to maximize sunlight during the winter, offering passive heating and lighting, and is equipped with photovoltaic panels, a solar hot water system, and hydronic slab heating.
The overhanging roof provides shade to interiors, some welcomed relief from the heat of the day. While the front of the house is closed off for privacy’s sake, the glazed wings are light and bright, inviting the landscape, sunshine and breezes in.
Nature and architecture intermingle in this alfresco entrance area, which teeters on the edge between indoors and outdoors.
Just on the other side of the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and actually sandwiched between them, this combination living room, kitchen and dining room is the hotspot of the house, encouraging kinship and community.
The kitchen is the epitome of nature refined, featuring rich warm wood and an elegant marble island, offset by the stainless steel range hood and cool glass on either side.
An adjoining dining area is flooded with warm sunlight.
Continuing through this open concept space, past the dining area, a glass enclosed living area makes you feel like you’re sitting outside, surrounded by lush trees and blue sky. Comfortable, contemporary furnishings are centered around a fireplace and entertainment area.
Like the exterior, the curved walls give interiors a gentle, organic edge. Follow the glossy polished floor past a pivoting wood wall, which turns this interior room into an alfresco entertaining area opening to the patio. The bowed hallway is intriguing, inviting you to explore the depths of this design.
The library is simple and woody, this warm, rich atmosphere inviting you to sit back and lose yourself in a good book.
Carrying the same simple, organic, yet contemporary style or the interiors, and an obvious ode to nature, the patio and swimming pool are a haven out in the open.
While the amazing views out are made possible by these fully glazed walls, so too in the view from outside in.
Rachcoff Vella Architecture
via Freshome


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