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Sustainable House by Tecto Architecture Maximizes Natural Light

LR Sustainable House by Tecto Architecture is located in Buzau County, Romania and is a ‘form follows’ energy design. This means that the building orientation and its overall shape were specifically designed to take advantage of natural daylight. Extensive use of south-facing glazings and positioning the home on the highest point of the site helps accomplish this. The large expanses of glazings also serve to blur the division between indoor and outdoor zones – especially within the pool area.

Another advantage of positioning the structure on the highest part of the site is the panoramic views of the surrounding forest and plain below.
Tecto Architecture designed the home to create as little impact on the environment as possible, with minimal modifications to the curves within the natural terrain.
The structure was designed in a long and massive volume with three major zones, each on a different angle. Two lateral wings are rotated ever so slightly from the central wing – creating both a separation and a connection, highlighted by the two stone towers.
Raw, unprocessed materials of natural origin were used in the construction of the home, helping keep the low carbon footprint. Materials used are log walls; wood siding, aluminum frames, natural stone, gravel, as well as cellulose and wood-based insulation.
While all the materials are natural, contrasting effects create a solid yet fluid aesthetic. Even within the wood sections, contrasts were achieved by using both slender glue-laminated timber as well as heavy log walls.
The logs have been stripped of their bark but keep their natural undulations, enhancing the fluid aesthetic of the structure.
Even the furniture used on the terrace features natural materials.
Inside the home, natural logs are also used to create the post and beam construction.
While the construction keeps to a natural palette, pops of color are featured within each of the zones – pink upholstery in the living room with orange cushions and blue pendants as well as a red rug in the dining area. Simple, but effective.
The dining room layers a wide array of chairs around a harvest table for a cozy and comfortable vignette. It creates a bold contrast to the large open spaces and massive log construction.
The logs used in the construction could easily have overpowered the rest of the structure. But Tecto Architecture balanced the natural posts with a large, curvy and black stairwell – and equally curvy white pony walled mezzanine.
Upstairs the bedrooms are less dramatic but just as interesting. Here, instead of bold shapes that command attention, the room is clad in a detailed wallpaper that was chosen for its restful palette and peaceful pattern.
Another bedroom leaves the wallpaper behind in favor of a deep charcoal paint finish and brings in the pattern via the nightstands and drapery.
The child’s room has a log cabin feel, and since all children love tree houses – this is the perfect choice.
Door handles made from antlers continue the natural and raw material theme.
Bathrooms follow the concept of ‘less is more’ and in this case, somuch more.
LR Sustainable house is a stunning example of sustainable architecture even without the indoor pool, but with it: W-O-W.
Main floor plan.
Second story floor plan.
Tecto Architectura


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