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Duravit multi-function shower by Jochen Schmiddem – the Steam Shower cabin

This new Duravit multi-function shower is the latest creation of Berlin designer Jochen Schmiddem who designed the Hansgrohe-Pharo Cocoon shower for Tom Cruise’s Minority Report film by Steven Spielberg. Only recently unveiled by Duravit, this luxury shower is actually a steam shower cabin. It can be easily converted into a steam shower by easily folding out the two seats to form a 170 cm bench and turning on the steam generator. The frame-less cabin is made of silicon-free safety glass and is available in either clear or tinted blue color. The spacious inside is white acrylic while the floor, seats and shelving are made from water-resistant Robinia wood, and the plumbing fixtures are in shiny chrome. This Duravit shower comes with many exiting features/options that are expected in today’s modern luxury showers: the LED-enabled chromatherapy, the aromatherapy, the built-in sound and the touch-display and remote control. Not to mention the various shower heads and water hoses and adjustable massage nozzles and backrests. Buy Duravit multifunctional shower for a price of 17,864 Euros or 22,587 US$. Duravit



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