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Bird Table by Eva Solo

This award-winning Self-Service Bird Table by Eva Solo not only allows birds a place to rest for a moment while they enjoy a bite to eat, but are incredible convenient for home owners to dot their backyards with. Simply place the pole into the ground, fill the five-litre glass container, and voilà you’ve got yourself a beautiful bird rest/feeder. The feeder is shaped like an upside-down decanter and is clear glass letting you see how much food is left for the birds at all times. Because of it’s curvy shape and the clear glass, the Self-Service is another elegant and chic decor piece for your outdoors without being obtrusive. The Self-Service glass bowl is dishwasher safe adding even more convenience into your life. This Eva Solo bird table has been awarded the Red Dot award in 2004, The International Design Yearbook award in 2004, the Baden-Wurttember, Int. Design Award for 2004 and the IF Design Award in 2005.


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