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Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin Furniture by Sentient

With Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin covering the Long Wool Sofa, the idea of snuggling into it is sooo enticing and while curling up amidst the luxuriously soft 6″-8″L wool you can reflect upon the untold stories within its reclaimed Oak wood frame. Between the wool and the Oak, its such a visceral piece that no one will be able to keep their hands off of it.

Designed by Nersi Nassen, the sofa is made with reclaimed Oak (white and/or red), Icelandic Lamb Wool, pocket springs, two layers of foam and one layer of Dacron. The sofa is 96″Lx42″Dx40″H and because the wool and the Oak are filled with variables, no two sofas are exactly the same.
The reclaimed red and/or white Oak has a unique patina that includes worm holes, checks, cracks, knots and nail holes. 100% of the Oak is from salvaged timbers, reclaimed 150-200 year old lumber and planks, or barn boards and the final result is a striking rustic character full of untold stories that contemporary homes love to showcase.
Joojay is Farsi for “small cheeks” which is a fun pun for an armchair! Joojay is also the daughter to the Sentient Long Wool sofa and is also made with reclaimed American Oak and Icelandic Lambs Wool – but since this is a daughter furniture it also has its own jewellery in the form of thin solid brass inlays between each of the Oak boards.
Totally modern in its geometry and completely contemporary with its patina, the Joojay is a timeless design that will only improve with age. Constructed with the same pocket springs, two layers of foam and one layer of Dacron it will definitely be the best seat in the house.
This Nersi Nassen design is as interesting from the back as it is from the front, making it a great chair to position centrally within a social zone and if paired with the Sentient Long Wool sofa it won’t look matchy-matchy due to the one of a kind aspect of both the wool and the reclaimed Oak.
The solid brass inlay doesn’t just show up as grout lines between the Oak, but also in the Sentient “S” logo which is also present on the Sentient Long Wool sofa
caressable-snuggable-sentient-furniture-8-caribou lounge.jpg
Michael Lamont designed the Sentient Caribou Lounge as a fiercely soft accent chair that incorporates American Black Walnut and a sustainable Coyote hide. The fur is super soft and deep and features a range of grey, brown and whites from the deepest black to the snowiest white.
Constructed with American Black Walnut, sustainable Canadian Coyote pelts, two layers of foam and one layer of Dacron, this fur-iffic accent chair is 34″Wx38″Dx28″H with no two being the same.
caressable-snuggable-sentient-furniture-10-caribou lounge.jpg
I love the two vertical boards that create the back detail on this chair – the way the frame contains the pelt without hiding it accentuates the contrast between the hard wood and the soft fur.
caressable-snuggable-sentient-furniture-11-caribou lounge.jpg
As with all of the Sentient furniture, the Caribou Lounge chair features the solid brass inlayed “S” – which might stand for Sentient but also stands for sexy!


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