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Wool Furniture Mangas from GAN by Patricia Urquiola

This winter, if the weather outside is frightful it won’t matter if you have the Mangas Spaces Collection to cozy up on. Made from 100% wool on the outside the collection is the creation of Patricia Urquiola – the originator of the Mangas Rug collection that revolutionized the rug industry. The pieces in this new and fun collection are modular which allows you to configure them in such a way that best suits your home decor, the outer layer is 100% wool and the inner structure is foam rubber and polystyrene filling. The palette is all in the warm tones and consists of Yellow-Plait, Coral-Plait, Pink-Plait, Ivory-Rhombus and Pink-Rhomus. The modules are 47″x36″x24″H and are interchangeable.

The soft lines of the Mangas Spaces Collection also means that there are no hard surfaces for young children to get hurt on.
And used in conjunction with the Mangas Rug Collection even the floor is an inviting place to hang out on by yourself or with your loved ones.
The textures created by the knitted wool have the same visceral quality as a well-loved sweater and the saturated colour blocking combined with tone on tone greys create a palette of warmth and comfort.
So cozy, so awesome.
Whether used as a chaise or a sectional sofa, the deep seats are a great place to curl up with a favourite book, e-book, I-pad, laptop or smart phone.
The combination of reds and yellows with the grey patterns is pretty hot.
This combination of neutrals is stunning.
A cozy grouping to hang out in.
The more the merrier.
Perfect for a large room with many views.
The combination of the Mangas Spaces Collection with the .Mangus Rug Collection is like a 3D puzzle pattern.
The textorial story of the collection is second to none.
Mangus Collection


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