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Modern Sleeper Sofas That Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby

Modern sleeper sofas aren’t frumpy and dull anymore. Every other design is attractive enough to display in a living room and spacious enough to sleep there yourself. Great variations in styles allow to choose the design that would perfectly fit with your existing decor. Multifunctional design approach also implies that there could be additional features like side tables, which makes these sofas so convenient.

Daybed-Style Modern Sleeper Sofas

Dulox daybed
Dulox daybed

Daybeds while compact may not be the most versatile, but this design by Emil Højfeldt and Per Weiss for Innovation Living does not only serve as a cool sofa alternative but also offers a spacious sleeping place for when you don’t want guests to leave.

Comprised of two stacked cushions Dulox features a roll headrest for daily naps and comfy reading. And its neutral palette and simple lines ensure you can implement it into any modern interior.

Twilight Sleeper Sofa
Twilight Sleeper Sofa via Dering Hall

Twilight Sleeper Sofa looks more like a daybed with its roll-shaped back and missing armrests. It’s easily convertible, though, with its cushion seat and platform forming a spacious bed.

Winning a furniture competition at Århus School of Architecture in Denmark in 1999 the sofa is still one of the best sleeper designs we’ve seen.

Unusual Sleeper Sofa Designs

Puzzle Wood

Puzzle Wood via Innovation Living

Andreas Lund, Flemming Højfeldt and Per Weiss’s 2004 design Puzzle Wood is a pretty unusual-looking sofa. With its bench-like back creating airy look it looks fresh and unexpected.

Flattened out it offers lots of space to lie down, sprawl and sleep like there’s no tomorrow.

Slash sofa by Adrien Rovero
Slash sofa by Adrien Rovero for Campeggi

It stretches and expands in sections like a caterpillar, green color only strengthening the impression. Slash sofa is a design by Adrien Rovero for Campeggi. It looks different from all the rest thanks to its creative design.

Its only problem may be the multiple sections that allow it to extend and fold. These may not always create a uniform surface causing trouble for sensitive backs.

Disfatto via D3CO

Disfatto, which translates as ‘undone’ from Italian, is one of those projects that tries to redefine a familiar object, sofa.

Though it looks familiar its functionality shows that it’s quite different from what we’re used to seeing in our everyday objects. Its back is actually a blanket that can make your naps more cozy.

Dorme Sofa
Dorme Sofa

Silje Nesdal designed Dorme Sofa for small spaces. A sofa by day, a bed by night Dorme will win you over with multifunctionality and a truly good design.

It may not be for sensitive sleepers as Dorme’s numerous cushions comprise the mattress, but at least it doesn’t have that sofa bed look to it and can fit a side table between the slimmer cushions. Win and win!

Spacious Modern Sofa Beds

Oz via Molteni

Oz sofa only looks spacious when it’s been made for the night. During the day it’s a modern sofa that looks quite compact, so you wouldn’t even tell it was convertible.

Nicola Gallizia conceived a new mechanism that opens a 200 cm bed base and makes the armrests ‘disappear’, which results in stylish sofa and bed.

One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa
One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa

Bludot specialize on sofa beds that don’t look like sofa beds. Take for example their cheekily-named One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa that turns from a sleek modern sofa into a queen-sized mattress on two brushed steel legs.

When assembled it looks like a perfect couch that is spacious enough but not bulky.

Tvedel via Innovation Living

Tvedel is more of a contemporary piece by Emil Højfeldt. It’s blocky but soft and easily turns into a bed big enough for tossing and turning.

Simply pull its double back forward and let it fit like a puzzle with the protruding seat. Effortless, convenient and just what any tired night owl needs.

Diplomat sofa
Diplomat sofa

Another one of Bludot‘s creations is this unassuming sofa that morphs into a queen-sized sleeper as you start feeling weight on your eyelids.

Very simple at first sight, sofa consists of a wooden frame and slim armrests that hide when the sleeper opens up.

Futon-Like Modern Sleeper Sofas

Multy via Ligne Roset

Futon is the next stage after a sofa bed, but it doesn’t have to look sad and dull. Even futons can look good enough not to ruin your interior design.

Claude Brisson gave Multy a very fitting name, as it can function as a sofa, a bed, and a chaise longue. With its cushion looking like a folded futon Multy looks pretty and inviting.

Zuo Conic Sleeper Sofa
Zuo Conic Sleeper Sofa

If you’re after a retro futon look here is a mod-style Conic sofa from Zuo. Clever design allows it to hide the similar metallic front legs that help support the futon mattress.

Sure, it may look old-fashioned, but some may find its mid-century modern aesthetic quite appealing.

Jorgensen sleeper
Jorgensen sleeper via Eurway

Looking almost nothing like a futon Jorgensen is a sofa bed that maximizes both aspects of its design, the sofa and the bed, adding little but helpful accents along the way.

When closed it offers plenty of room to spare with a movable and low side tables at either side. And when open, it’s a roomy bed with a low side table acting as a nightstand. This is what great design looks like.

Sleek Sleeper Sofas

Flex gravel sleeper sofa
Flex gravel sleeper sofa via CB2

Flex is a sleeper sofa you’d want in your Scandinavian or contemporary style home. Sleek and stylish it looks nothing like a sofa bed and there is no way to tell it is.

A three-position seater/sleeper comes in a tufted poly fabric complete with a polished chrome base. A perfect combination for contemporary furniture that also looks cozy.

Debonair Blue
Debonair Blue via Innovation Living

A recent collaborative work between Marc Lebas and Per Weiss is this sleek royal blue sofa that doesn’t betray its secondary purpose in any way.

Fit for a Scandinavian home Debonair Blue will definitely bring some flair and color to the minimalist design.

Cosma by Cor Furniture

Cosma sounds pretty futuristic, but when you see it there is no doubt that it was made as an oversized spaceship seat. Manufacturer Cor refuses to describe it as a sofa-bed or even a functional sofa.

An “exceptionally elegant piece of seating furniture which also serves as a bed” comes with a transforming design and alluring colors.

Stylish Mod Sleepers

Colpus sofa
Colpus sofa via Innovation Living

Colpus is a space-saving solution by Per Weiss. With four step head elevations and two back positions the sofa may not only be used as a bed but it can also work as a chaise longue.

It looks quite mod with its wooden legs and mustard yellow upholstery. And its removable roll armrests make cool pillows.

Clubber sofa bed
Clubber sofa bed via Innovation Living

Nothing says mod like molded plywood. Clubber sofa by Per Weiss is a great design for those missing the 60’s aesthetic.

Tufted sky blue couch may flip and flatten, but its molded wooden armrests stay in place like some old spaceship’s flaps.

Contemporary Sleeper Sofas

Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast via Saba Italia

Bed & Breakfast by Giuseppe Viganò is an unconventional sleeper in more than one way. Firstly, it’s upholstered with satin, which is unheard of for a sofa.

Secondly, it is a hybrid between a couch and a daybed that easily turns into a spacious place to lounge and rest your head.

Alpine Sectional sofa
Alpine Sectional sofa via Nordholtz

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without a sectional sofa. Multifunctional Alpine sofa looks like it belongs in a contemporary living room.

Serving as a sofa, a media room bed, and an actual bed, Alpine has storage for bedding and pillows and can be modified to suit your every need.

Modern sleeper sofas aren’t what they used to be. They’re more varied, more stylish, and definitely even more functional.


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