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The Watercabinet Is A Rainwater Storage System And Greenhouse

Throughout the growing season, gardeners of every level are starting seeds, boosting seedling growth, and watering plants. Francien Hazen, a conceptual thinker, wanted to create a cabinet that would take into account all three of these cycles. The final design is a cabinet that not only offers greenhouse capabilities for seedlings, but also offers an alternative to the use of tap water. Dubbed the Watercabinet, it can be attached to one of your homes down spouts or any other rain pipe contraption, allowing the gardener to first collect and then store the water, to be used on an as needed basis.

The cabinet is deep enough to house both a waterproof barrel in the back for storing the rainwater, and an enclosed storage space in the front for small hand tools. Below the enclosed space is a shelf large enough to hold two good-sized watering cans.
On the right side of the cabinet is a waterspout that can be used like a tap to fill up watering cans, or it can also be hooked up to a hose. Below the tap is a potting station and below that is a wood slat shelf.
The left of the cabinet supports a small green house that is divided into 3 levels of shelves, with the top shelf extending up and over the top of the cabinet. The complete unit is built with an Emerald Green powder coated steel framework and a clear coated wood storage cabinet and slatted shelf.
The Watercabinet is designed to accommodate small spaces making it perfect for growing herbs; salad greens or plant starts in a small garden or terrace.
Francien Hazen


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