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Dustbin Box System – conceal your garbage bin

Now you can conceal your garbage bin and keep your garden tidy with the Dustbin box system. The larch wood and anodized aluminum structure rolls on a guided track to enclose 120- or 240-litre dustbins. The natural-looking storage box does not suddenly eliminate garbage and the placement of it, but it does keep animals and smells at bay, while providing an attractive alternative to piling up trash next to the back door. There are no heavy or difficult lids to pry open. When you slide over the one side of the shell, it exposes a bin, allowing you to easily dump contents into the bin. Both sides of the shell can be moved to allow access to either side of the box. You can place a number of bins in the dustbin system, like a recycling bin, a garbage bin and a compost or outdoor grass cuttings bin. These bins are an innovative way to keep your garbage concealed while storing it in a place where animals wouldn’t get their paws on it. The dustbin box system is available from nebengebaeude.de.


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