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Box-shaped House with Smaller Adjacent Box-shaped Units

Designed by award winning studio Minarc, this family house is located in a rural environment near Reykjavik, Iceland. Given the very low density of population in the area, the house seems is isolated and surrounded by wild natural landscapes. The layout of the house is a juxtaposition of boxes of different sizes and materials. The main body consists of two bigger wood-clad boxes placed one in front of the other. The one at the back is slightly higher than the one at the front, and it uses the flat roof of the latter as rooftop terrace. From the main body two boxes protrude laterally like asymmetric wings. These boxes are single height and contrast with the main body in size but also in what concerns the external cladding. Like the last box at the back of the house that serves as a one car garage, these side boxes are covered in aluminum panels. The other material that defines the design is glass. The front facades of the boxes are completely glazed, opening beautiful views from every part of the house.

The most impressive part of the house is the double height front box. Thanks to the front glazed facade, thus box seems like a tunnel with one open end. This part of the house is the social area, an open plan space consisting of kitchen, dining room and living room.
Like a reminder of the nature that surround it, the bathroom draws on the stone motif, with a small round stone wall and stone shaped towel hangers.
The house sits on a decked platform, whose wood has already turned a cozy grey because of the weather conditions. The same wood creates side walls to this platform, and one of the niches is used as an outdoor shower.


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