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Modern Bird Bath – Eva Solo ceramic bath

If you’re looking for a delicate and modern piece of art for your landscape, you’ll want to add an Eva Solo ceramic bird bath. The clean lines and ripples in the bath add a splash of modern decor to the outdoors. The bird bath not only provides a refreshing bath, but is also a decorative water supply. It’s a great piece of “floating” art, that the birds will appreciate and let’s you get some bird-watching in. The ceramic dish is placed on a tall metal spike that sticks wherever you want – in the garden, beside the deck, anywhere really – and is stabilized by rubber topping on the metal pole. The high-quality glazed ceramic is durable to the weather all year and is frost-resistant, and because of the height of the skinny pole it’s placed on, birds can enjoy their bath knowing that predators cannot reach them. Available at Eva, this bird bath will add much more than just that to your surroundings.


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