Jeans Label Rug by Kings of Sweden is Upcycled Awesomeness

Products : Rugs Carpets

Scandinavian design company Kings of Sweden created an area rug that is about as unique as you can get. Made from a random blend of upcycled jeans labels collected from around the world, the finished result is a global ... more »

Sustainable Home Wraps Around Man Made Pond and Lush Landscaping

Architecture : Sustainable Homes

The Atherton House is located on a peninsula south of San Francisco, California - on a lot that previously held a 1950s home. The original home needed removing but the man made pond and the mature landscaping that surrounded ... more »

Fabulous Fluid Quark Coffee Table Collection by Emmanuel Babled

Products : Furniture

Designed by Emmanuel Babled, the Quark collection is a series of low coffee tables, consisting of organic and fluid forms in such materials as wood, plexiglass, bronze, copper and marble. ... more »

Living Roof on Slope House Merges Beautifully with California Hillside

Architecture : Slope Houses

The Kentfield Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects is located in northern California. Set into a steep hillside with two volumes overlooking the panoramic views of Mount Tamalpais as well as San Francisco Bay, the top volume also opens ... more »

Los Angeles Homes with a View by McClean Design

Architecture : Luxury Homes

There's something mesmerizing and calming about being able to look out your windows or off of your terrace and absorb the view. This ability to use the surrounding natural environment as a focal point is exactly what McClean Design ... more »

Alno Kitchen Gets Cooking with Three Ovens, Two Wine Coolers and One Awesome Style

Interiors : Kitchen Interiors

If you're a chef, or just love the finer things in life, then this kitchen by Alno is a must-see. Dressed to the nines, including a trio of ovens, a pair of wine fridges and an overall style that ... more »

Wildly Whimsical Domestic Trophies Knitted by Rachel Denny

Products : Accessories

Rachel Denny loves to knit the great outdoors and the results are wildly whimsical representations of Mother Nature's wilderness creatures. While accurate in depiction, the palette of colors and the knitted texture - especially the cable knit - create ... more »

Glass Walkway Links Serine Farmhouse by Brasil Arquitetura

Architecture : Farmhouse Homes

Dom Vicoso is a 240sqm house built by Brasil Arquitetura, located in a serine and desolate area of the Serra da Mantiqueira in Minas Gerais, Brazil - on a centennial coffee farm. Because of the uneven topography of the ... more »

Cozy Interior Brick Sitting Area Brings the Outdoor Ambience In

Interiors : Apartment Interiors

Rocha Apartment is home to the out-of-the-box creativity of Italian architects Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli - the brains behind Barcelona-based CaSA Architecture. The two designers combined creative forces - and very different backgrounds, with Colombo's specialty being housing, ... more »

Skinny Suspended Fireplace by Focus has Low Environmental Impact

Products : Fireplaces

Focus has developed a new model of wood burning fireplace called Slimfocus, using advanced technical features to create a natural fire with an energy efficiency of 85% and emissions of only 0.09%. It's an eco-friendly fireplace that boasts purity ... more »