Modern Sculptural Seawall by Paul Sangha Landscape Breaks Waves and Boundaries

Outdoors : Landscape Designs

Vancouver, B.C.'s raw, rocky waterfront underwent a metamorphosis led by landscape architect Paul Sangha, executed first for function and secondarily for fashion. This eye-catching sculpture, aptly dubbed Metamorphous, takes shape as a 200-ft. corten steel structure unfolding along the ... more »

Artistically Exciting Roma Roma Wallpapers by Yo2

Products : Wallcovering

The Roma Roma collection by Yo2 is a digitally printed series of wallpapers with three colour variations per design. Each design is printed on a high quality non-woven foundation for a final effect that appears as if it is ... more »

Gorgeous Glass Elevator connects Multiple Levels on Slope House

Architecture : Slope Houses

GG House is located in Krakow, Poland on a steep, south slope. It was designed by Architeckt Tadeusz Lemanski to rise up from the slope on four columns that support not just the home but also a cantilevered terrace. ... more »

Orwell Sofa by Goula Figuera is a Domestic Refuge

Products : Sofa Beds

The Orwell sofa was designed as a piece of furniture that has the combined attributes of a sofa, bed and "cabin", as it was called before being renamed after the author of the classic novel, 1984. In the book, ... more »

12 Artsy Tables to WOW You

Trends : Living Room Furniture

The 3D Art of Aluminum and Log Tables Pouring molten aluminum onto wood sounds like a science project but in the case of Hilla Shamia the project is all about the amazing juxtaposition of rough-hewn and scarred raw wood against ... more »

Ranch Home Connects to Separate Master Suite via Bridge

Architecture : Farmhouse Homes

West Marin Ranch is located on a compound in Marin County, California, with a view to Mount Tamalpais. Designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects the ranch is designed with a multi structure centered around an outdoor gathering place - ... more »

Dynamo Rainbow Shower by Cristina Lights Up with Water

Products : Shower Fixtures

The Dynamo Rainbow Shower has a turbine placed within its shower head to produce electrical energy from the water cascading through it. The energy in turn switches on the LED lights contained within the perimeter of the shower head ... more »

8 Creative Dual Purpose Tables You'll Love

Trends : Living Room Furniture

When you walk into a room, front and center is the table. And as these 8 awesome table designs illustrate, a great table is never just "a table." Go for something a little different with a dual-purpose table that serves ... more »

S-Shaped Glass Walls Connect Indoors and Out

Interiors : Living Room Interiors

The Design House project is an initiative by Design Week Mexico that sees a house in Mexico City transformed by a group of forward-thinking designers, year after year. Now in its sixth year, in 2014 project presents Mexico-based Esrawe ... more »

Wersailles by Beau&Bien is an Elegant and Ethereal Chandelier

Products : Chandeliers

A new way of looking at chandeliers, the Wersailles by Beau&Bien edits out many of the standard parts of chandeliers - replacing them with a suspension system that is barely there. In doing so, they have created an aesthetic ... more »