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Farmhouse décor that is charming and Modern

When many of us think of farmhouse décor the last thing we might contemplate is- modern. Farmhouse décor has never truly been a modern thing, until now. Having a rustic touch in your home can bring that cozy touch it is missing, especially if you have an overall modern space. You do not have to live in the country to have a farmhouse home, in fact, you do not need to only have a rustic home to have a cozy space. Keeping that in mind, the following farmhouse decorating pieces work well in an already charming home and/or a modern one. It’s all about creating balance and these ideas do just that.

Whitewashed Foyer

Keep the whitewash to a minimal, by ensuring the room feels sleek yet modern for the best outcome. It’s all about having a fresh approach throughout.

If you have read our latest article then you know the foyer is one of the most important areas in a home. It’s the preview of what’s to come. Taking into consideration that you want to decorate your foyer, yet don’t know how to, bring in a whitewashed element. Sometimes white can be too bright, or even too much in a room; however, whitewashed items give you the brightening effect without taking over completely. Bring in shiplap, and a whitewashed bench to bring a brightening effect that makes the foyer feel sleep and new. Pair with greenery to create some sort of easy balance.

Bold Beams

Add in an all-wood ceiling and work in the beams to create a multitextured approach. It’s all about creating that charm that feels fresh every time.

Large statement beams are perfect to create a contrast that warms up the room. It’s all about making the room feel modern, new and fresh without taking away from the room’s authentic decorating style. Furthermore, the bold beams give the room, a calming effect that instantly will make the ceiling feel larger. There is something about having the large beams that will make the room have a powerful contrast.

Suspended Wood Mirrors

Use a suspended mechanism when it comes to hanging your mirrors, to give the room an edge in a less obvious matter.

If you feel your bathroom needs a farmhouse, rustic touch, consider getting wood mirrors and suspending them from the ceiling. Having suspended mirrors is not only visually appealing, but it makes a natural statement. It’s almost as if the room takes on an edgy touch without trying too hard. It’s a soft approach that makes the room feel rustic seamlessly. You want to make the mirrors feel like the main focus of the room, in a less obvious manner.

Barn Doors

Whether you decide to have a barn sliding door or simply have a barn door its completely up to you. The key is having the barn doors become the main focus overall.

Anywhere you can fit a barn door, take full advantage of it and do just that. The idea is to take any ordinary door and elevate it by completely changing it up. Whether you bring in a barn door as part of your pantry, your outside door or even as a mini door for your cabinets, you want that door to be the object that truly gives you a rustic touch.

Wall Lanterns

When working with lanterns bring in similar sizes and hues to make a cohesive appeal that truly makes sense to the room. The view should look and feel grand yet fresh and new.

Why have one lantern when you can take an entire wall and create a lantern wall montage. Not only is this idea creative, but due to its creativity, you can display as many or as little lanterns as you would like. Furthermore, this approach gives you the perfect in-between approach. It gives you rustic while being modern all at once. You can go with modern lanterns or rustic ones to truly make a statement in both decorating styles. Nevertheless, if you use battery-operated lanterns you can ultimately light up the entire call.

Overall Shiplap

Paint your shiplap a bold shade of white to make the room come to life yet have that rustic touch.

Take shiplap to the next level by using it from wall to ceiling. It’s all about creating a warm approach from the moment you step into the room. Paint your shiplap a bold shade of white, blue or even both to create that rustic approach that engulfs the entire room. Shiplap works due to it giving you that seamless feel that is open, airy and rustic all at once. Furthermore, work with what you already have in the room and allow it to be the underline, statement of the room overall.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

When painting your cabinets use one hue for the entire cabinetry. Doing so will make the room feel cohesive and fresh the entire time while still being edgy.

Whether you consider it a statement piece, or you don’t, painting your kitchen cabinets can instantly upgrade your kitchen. You can almost consider it as the perfect form of embracing the space while still being easy and on the more cost-effective side. Bring in a bold hue when you want to make a statement or consider using a pastel shade when you want to simply refresh the room, in general, creating the perfect splash of color. It’s all about creating a new feel to even the most outdated room.

Multiple Shades of Wood

Working with multiple shades of woodworks due to how many dimensions, each shade will bring on its own and when paired with other elements.

Sometimes we all tend to forget that wood comes in an array of hues. Making it perfect for those that want to bring in wood, but don’t necessarily want to use one shade or aren’t fond of using darker wood. If that is the case bring in multiple shades of wood and allow them to work together yet make a statement on their very own. It’s all about balance. Creating a balance is key when it comes to decorating and redecorating a space. Furthermore, bringing different shades of wood is simply one of the easiest forms, of bringing a farmhouse approach without going overboard with it.


Take a vintage twist when it comes to your floral decor. The key is working with hues of black and white to ensure your decor makes the perfect sense when you want that modern yet rustic feel.

One decorating style that might not seem as farmhouse-ish or rustic is florals. While many of us remember the nostalgic pattern from visiting our grandparents, others don’t consider it at all. Even though florals have been for centuries they are rightfully getting the makeover they deserve. Not only are they becoming more modern and stylish, but they can be placed anywhere around the home. That is the best part about floral décor, it feels rustic and nostalgic yet it is oh so modern. Use a floral wallpaper in any area of the home that needs a little unique twist.

Open Shelving

When it comes to figuring out what type of shelving will work best you want to embrace both of them and truly fall in love with the texture they can provide.

There is nothing that screams rustic quite like open shelving. Open shelving simply works! The main reason for this is you get to display what you like best without having to go overboard. You get the most out of this by having traditional shelving and pairing it with open shelving. The key is working with contrast and allowing both types of shelving to flow well in your kitchen. Neither should feel as they take up too much room, or as if they are the main focus of the room.

When it comes to farmhouse décor, what element would you like to incorporate into your décor? Share with us your ideas below.


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