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Stone fireplace Ideas for Classic, Intimate Charm

If there’s one thing fireplaces do well, is bring intimacy. They were pretty much created to make the room feel warm. However, there is one fireplace style that offers something a little fresher and even modern- a stone fireplace. Having a stone fireplace can easily and quickly vitalize your home instantly. It gives you a contemporary feel while still keeping it intimate and modern. Here are a few ways to upgrade your stone fireplace without having, it feel cold and frigid.

Gray Center Column

Even if it’s not displayed directly in the middle of the room, having a stone fireplace will instantly make a chic approach.

Having a large column is one of the best ways to embrace a stone fireplace. It’s all about going big and bold. Having a bold feature makes the room not only come to life, but it helps make the room feel grand all at once. Furthermore, a large gray centerpiece embraces the room, even when it’s small. It’s all about embracing the size and making it come to life.

Stacked Stones

Stacking stone makes the room feel grand in a unique format. It’s almost as if the room will revolve around the specific piece of decor.

If having a stone in the home is your main focus having a stacked appearance is the way to go. Stacked stone is great for those that want to make the stone the focus, without over-cluttering the room overall. We suggest going with a blonde stone for a minimal, cozy touch that doesn’t take away from the room’s aesthetic, especially if you want to keep it minimal.


The larger the fireplace the grander it will appear in the room. There is something about it that instantly makes the room feel grand.

Just because it is made of the stone does not mean it can’t have texture. Texture is one of those things that can truly help a room come to life. For a textured feel, consider using larger stones. The larger your stones are, the easier it will be to work with them in the long run. This format is also great for a nontraditional approach. Your stones will lay in a unique manner, giving you that touch of modern every time you enter the room.


Keep it minimal by making the stone feel as seamless as chic as possible. Work with bolder bits to ensure that one specific fireplace feels as low key as possible.

Sometimes a room needs a minimal touch, just a kiss of decor without all the added frills. If that is the case, take a look at the sleek stone. The use of sleek stone comes in handy when you want to have a stone display that truly comes to life on its terms. Instead of standing out from the rest this stone display will seamlessly blend with everything you have. It’s almost as if your decor will work itself out with a touch of chic. Keep it neutral to seamlessly work the room.


The larger and darker your fireplace the better! It’s all about making the room have that edgy touch that embraces the room overall.

For an edge that works with numerous decorating styles, work with charcoal stone. The stone itself, screams edgy. It’s darker, and richer while making a contrast that adjusts to the room’s aesthetic. If you want to bring an additional edge work darker hue’s into the room. It’s all about having the darker bits truly enhance the room’s appeal overall. You could even work with contrasting bits to enhance the darker shades.

Take it Outside

Work with larger pieces to make your outdoor space have a seamless vibe. Furthermore, pair it with wood bits to make the room feel seamless.

Do not limit yourself to having a stone fireplace only inside of your home. Take it up a notch and embrace the warmth outdoors as well. To do just that you want to take it up a notch and bring a large fireplace in the forth front. The idea is to make the outside seem as personal and warm as you possibly can. Consider showcasing as much of a “living room feel” as you possibly can.

Take it to the Sky

If you have taller ceilings, take full advantage and truly make the room come to life with a seamless approach while embracing the height and adding decorative bits.

Why keep your fireplace short when you can extend it towards the ceiling? The larger your fireplace the larger the statement it will make. Consider it being one of the easiest forms of embracing the room’s higher ceiling. Sometimes when you have tall ceilings it can be a bit difficult to decorate, due to not being able to reach such heights or not knowing what to incorporate as such heights. With that being said, elongate your fireplace and embrace having such a large statement.


When in doubt, paint your fireplace with a glossy finish for the perfect bold touch.

If you already have a stone fireplace and are simply thinking about upgrading it, it’s time to paint it. However, you don’t want to just paint your fireplace any hue, you want to bring a glossy finish to it. Doing so will modernize it while being unique and to your color combination. You can almost say, having a glossy fireplace is great for those that seek a unique twist to their traditional decor.

Cabin Style

For the bolder, cabin touch consider having a large stone fireplace. It’s all about giving it a contemporary approach while being unique and sleek.

Sometimes when we look at a stone fireplace the last thing you might think is “cabin” due to how “cold” its appearance it is. However, when done correctly and paired with the right items, your stone fireplace can be just what your room needs. For that cabin feel you want to ensure the rest of the room feels cozy, while the rest of your decor is wooden and chic. It’s all about bringing wood around the area and allowing it to stand on its very own.

Blended Stone

Work with stones in multiple different hues, different textures, and colors to truly embrace the rooms sleek display.

For a unique touch bring in a blend of stones, and have them be the intricate approach. For that chic touch, embrace the room overall. Blended stone is not only modern but it’s cozy and warming as well. When working with a blended stone touch, work two stones or more and allow them to be similar in color palettes and texture. Top it off with a complimentary stone mantel to work the room overall.

Tiling & Stone

Work with a colorful tile to make the room feel grand and sleek yet new and fresh. It’s the perfect contrasting appeal.

For a welcoming feel that is a bit softer, work with tiling and stone. Both of these materials will make the room have a unique effect as you can work with an abundance of colors. Use a lighter shade for a more minimal approach or a darker hue for a bit of an edge. Regardless, of what shade you use, blend it with stone. It’s about the contrasting effect that will blend the room overall.

Stone fireplaces work, due to how enchanting they can be. Which of these ideas are you interested in trying? Share with us below.


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