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Stylish Rustic Industrial Decor Accents To Take In Consideration

When it comes to rustic decor there is an edgier side of things, and that’s industrial. Industrial decor is notorious for being cutting edge, modern and sleek while rustic is a bit more personal and intimate. With that being said, there are many different ways you can bring a rustic, industrial vibe to your living room space. If you have always wanted to try industrial decor, but couldn’t figure out how to do it properly, our guide will help inspire you along the way.

Expressive Artwork

Work with the space of the room to truly make your artwork feel whole and come to life

An easy form of bringing industrial decor to your living room seamlessly is by bringing in expressive artwork. Having expressive artwork will not only make the room feel cohesive, but it will have that refreshing vibe. Furthermore, it adds a sense of personality which is exactly what you want to be conveyed.

Exposed Brick

Paint your exposed brick with a whitewash for a beautiful display that feels just a tad more modern

One of the easiest forms of having a sleek rustic, industrial appeal is by having exposed brick. Bringing exposed bring to your home might not be easy, but it sure will make a huge difference and effort. It’s all about getting that classic touch in the room. If you already have exposed brick, consider decorating around it, to give it the focus it deserves.

Repurposing Materials

Whether it’s one sign or three items the more you repurpose items in your living room the cheaper upgrading your decor will be

The beauty of having a rustic, industrial, home is that you get to use what you already have. You don’t need to get all brand new items, what you need is to embrace what you have and work around it or repurpose your materials. Repurposing your materials works because it enables you to take items that don’t exactly work anymore, and making it brand new once again.

Mix and Match

When mixing and matching decorating styles bring in bits of wood and allow them to create a classic approach

It’s a beautiful thing when you can mix and match your decorating style to make one big picture. The beauty of this is, you get to bring modern decor, and pair it with rustic elements to ensure you get the most out of the room. Bringing these elements together make the room feel open and airy, it gives you the right amount of le way so you can decorate with ease. The key is bringing a rustic, industrial with modern for a pairing that works seamlessly.

Minimal Sofa

For that minimal sofa, feel keep your sofa as close to the ground as possible. It will bring a classic approach while still being easy on the eye

One of the best aspects of having rustic, industrial decor is you can bring in as minimal parts as possible. While doing so add on a minimal sofa. You want to bring a sofa that feels sleek, makes an impact yet is minimal to the room. It’s all about having the sleekness be felt throughout without overbearing the space. Pair it with other minimal bits for the perfect display.

Exposed Mechanical Detail

Keep the ceiling as exposed as possible to make the biggest impact possible

If you are lucky enough to have exposed mechanical detailing then you want to take full advantage of it by exposing it. You want to expose every bit of it and allow it to become the main focus of the room. This might not seem like the easiest thing to do, but it’s quite the opposite. You can do it effortlessly by simply decorating around it with ease.


Drop your lights a little lower to create an extended approach that has longevity overall

When in doubt, bring an industrial light fixture to the room. A simple fixture will make the room feel cohesive and sleek without all the added decorative bits. It’s all about getting the room brighter with an edge. To provide the edge bring an industrial vibe right through the fixture itself. Bring in a metallic light fixture, the metallic will brighten the room while being modern and fresh.


Bring a metal side table to give the room more texture while still having a seamless personality

Having a metallic bit might not seem like the thing to do, but it’s quite the opposite. A metallic bit enhances the room by adding color while creating an ambiance. Bring a metallic touch by adding in different hues of metals such as gold, rose gold, or silver. These metals not only add color and texture, but they add personality which is what you want.

Industrial Furniture

With your industrial decor embrace the idea of color and allow it to be the focus of the room overall

Working with industrial decor works because you get the most out of the room. It’s minimal, it’s sleek and it’s chic. Furthermore, it makes the room feel as expansive as it can be. You want the room to feel grandiose all at once yet as that welcoming touch to it, which comes from the industrial furniture that you add-in. It’s the best way to make the room have that industrial touch without truly going overboard. Allow your industrial furniture to feel sleek and expansive.

Monochromatic Colors

Bring hints of green here and there to add a sleek freshness

Work with a monochromatic palette to make the room feel expansive. It’s all about being as cohesive as possible without taking away from the room’s overall aesthetic. Think of it as the perfect way to work your palette seamlessly. Keep in mind, a monochromatic palette will work just as well if you add some hints of color. The color will break down the monochromatic touch that you add in the room.

How do you bring a rustic, industrial touch to your room? Share with us your idea below.


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