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X-ART kitchen faucet from Newform – a pull-out sprayer

Sleek perpendicular bends and cylindrical forms create a serious kitchen faucet for modern kitchen environments. The Newform X-ART faucet uses simple geometry to form a disciplined design that emphasises function. Featuring a pull out spout with an ergonomic spray, the X-ART faucet efficiently reaches every corner of your basin. The pull out sprayer utilises the defining bend to create a head that is comfortable to hold and provides an unhindered view of the spraying water. A practical faucet the X-ART expresses this utility through solid strong forms. Rather than blended transitions, the broad cylindrical base abruptly steps in to meet the small tubular spout. Similar contrast can be found in the control, where the branching arm presents a slim spire of metal to act as a lever. Newform have created a determined design of distinct simplicity.


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