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White Faucet Collection from Newform

newform faucet d rect White Faucet Collection from Newform
A highly unusual white color makes the new X-Sense, Egon and D-Rect faucets from Newform stand out from the rest. A trendy addition to your home, and just in time for snowy winter months, the white faucet looks great whatever the weather. The exclusive pearl white finish is hand-painted – requiring several applications to get the flawless finish desired. You can continue the outstanding Oriental-chic look throughout your home: X-Sense is a bath faucet collection, and Egon and D-Rect are kitchen faucet collections. Impress your guests with a pure white theme to add impact to Newform diverse range of taps for the kitchen and bathroom.
newform faucet x sense 1 White Faucet Collection from Newform




One thought on “White Faucet Collection from Newform

  1. I like white, I have purchased white/chrome faucet for my tub and bathroom sink, believe it or not. White is beautiful. Idon’t know why they don’t make enough of these awesome colors and style of modern kitchen and bathroom.

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