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Swarovski Bath Faucet from Newform – new X-Sense Limited Edition faucets

Encapsulating an opulent new trend for a touch of sparkle in bath faucets, the new X-Sense Limited Edition faucets from Newform incorporate Swarovski crystals. These days, high-end fittings take the place of art within the home, offering functionality and beauty all in one piece. Important detailing takes precedence, such as the Swarovski crystal embedded into a faucet of the X-Sense bath collection. The glint of the white stone against the gold finish of the taps suggests a certain richness, but does so with subtlety. It’s not important to have a lot – it’s just important to have the right things – the timeless classic to take you through the ages with pizzazz. Express your style philosophy with the new X-Sense Limited Edition faucets from Newform.



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