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Waterfall Faucet from Newform – new thin Flu-x

newform faucet flu x Waterfall Faucet from Newform   new thin Flu x
This is certainly the thinnest waterfall faucet we’ve ever seen: the new Flu-x from Newform. Its unusual thinness makes the Flu-x an iconic addition to a modern bathroom. It has a flawless, gleaming finish which is sure to get noticed. Choose from models which allowing the water to flow naturally, as from a standard tap, or as a waterfall issuing from a wide slit. Wall mounted or free-standing, the angular faucet has a great joystick style operation. The prominent lever is easy to use and incorporates another terrific trend into the new Flu-x. Bring the style of this Newform faucet home to instantly inject some European style into your bathroom.
If you like the Flu-x, you’ll also like the thin profile of the Tetris tap!
newform faucet flux 1 Waterfall Faucet from Newform   new thin Flu x




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