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Wooden Sideboard from Roethlisberger – solid wood sideboards

Nothing compares to the natural radiance of wood… and the wooden sideboard from Roethlisberger certainly brings that fact home. The critical combination of computer-assisted precision machines, and gifted craftsmanship, ensure the high-end furniture is a finished product worthy to represent the ethos of Roethlisberger. Sophisticated simplicity is the essence of the gorgeous Taba sideboards. European walnut creates a dramatic effect in the solid wood fronts; the grain of the wood is highlighted to reveal all of its magnificent hues and depth. Credenza Bassa is a sideboard with a rather more sculpted look – the ebb and flow of the solid Elm makes wooden waves for the eye to travel along. The interlocking surfaces are frivolously eye-catching, yet they conceal the surprisingly practical element of handy spacious drawers. Elegance of design for your home is embodied in these two very different wooden sideboards from Roethlisberger.



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