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TV Sideboard from Huelsta – the Lilac

huelsta tv sideboard lilac 1 TV Sideboard from Huelsta   the Lilac
As today’s televisions become slimmer and slimmer, the options for TV sideboards with a multiplicity of possible arrangements grow ever wider, as the Lilac TV Sideboard from Huelsta proves. Entertaining? There’s no need to have your valuable TV on display. At best, this is a distraction, or at worst, the TV could be in danger of damage – but the Lilac TV Sideboard can hide it away without hassle. The sideboard glides shut, revealing only a brilliantly high-shine exterior. When you again require use of the television, the TV sideboard can be opened up to show off the fabulous natural wood interior. You can easily adjust the height of the TV to the correct viewing position, and conveniently store your other accessories within the sideboard. A contemporary design, that manages to be at the same time classic and cutting-edge, the Lilac TV Sideboard is presented by Huelsta.
huelsta tv sideboard lilac 2 TV Sideboard from Huelsta   the Lilac




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