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Contemporary Sideboard by Acerbis – Superego sideboard with slow-motion effect

The sensationally futuristic Superego contemporary sideboard from Acerbis International is now ready to come onto the market. Sleek and smooth surfaces as far as the eye can see – totally unbroken by unnecessary details – mean that the contemporary sideboard shows off the logic of the minimal. Storage is the key within the house to creating an uncluttered aspect, making a sideboard an ideal option to hide away objects until they are needed. When you require an item, the Superego opens up at your touch with an unexpected, but most agreeable, ‘slow-motion’ effect. This attention-grabbing detail is characteristic of the company Acerbis International and its constant search for new ideas. The Superego sideboard is a triumph of form and functionality, and is available in white or black from Acerbis International.



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