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Pedestal Wash Basins by Salvinistile

Transform your bath into the lap of luxury in your home with these unusual pedestal wash basins by Italian company Salvinistile. The Easy pedestal wash basin, designed by Carla Baratelli, brings an element of elegance to the bath with its striking, rectangular shape and the opulence of marble. This natural beauty is enhanced by modern LED lighting, built right into the base. This pedestal is available in a range of colors to suit every style and space, from warm golden brown and cream tones to dark, dramatic slate. Organic flecks of varying hues bring each piece a naturally beautiful appeal. These sculptural sinks’ rectangular base comes in two sizes: 350-by-350-by-900 or 400-by-400-by-900 mm, offering an option for small or large bathrooms, and comes with waste Stop-and-Go or flat horizontal marble lateral water drainage. As a single piece or in pairs, these stylish basins are Italian quality and luxury, at its best. For more on these pedestal sinks visit Salvinistile.



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