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White Subway Tile Kitchen Designs are Incredibly Universal: Urban vs. Country

Boy, these white subway tile kitchens are amazingly similar, aren’t they? In this urban vs. country match up – it’s hard to tell where one stops and one ends. The urban kitchen is by Designliga of Germany, the country kitchen is from Bonadies Architect in Nashville. Each feature three pendant lights – both sets are round by design. There are rustic looking floors in both. Even the cupboards, while the hardware and detail are different, are similar in flow. And of course, the white subway tiles are the absolute unity between the two. And yet, there are distinct differences when you look closely. The modern kitchen is more loft-like, with lots of air and light and higher ceilings. The country kitchen has more detailed cabinets and more cabinets overall. A tale of two kitchens: different, yet alike. Perhaps all good design carries an element of paradox?



Urban Kitchen via: Archdaily Traditional Kitchen via: HomeDSGN


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