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Kohler Vibrating bath Fountainhead VibrAcoustic – Wash Away your Stress!

[New Product Coverage from K/BIS 2008]
Kohler Fountainhead Vibracoustic bath
The new Fountainhead VibrAcoustic vibrating bath from Kohler is designed to enhance the sacred ritual of bathing. If you count on a wonderful relaxing bath time to relax you at the end of a day, you’ll absolutely love this bath. A combination of functions: sound vibration, chromatherapy and music are choreographed in harmony to revolutionise your bathing experience. Intense relaxation will be found in the Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath when you choose one of the four pre-set compositions of light, sound and vibration. Avoid the detrimental health effects of stress by taking time to unwind, slowing your breathing and heart rate. Unwind in the attractive white tub with polished chrome elements, the control to all the automatic bathtub functions just beside you incorporated into the design. Your body will thank you both inside and out for choosing the Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath from Kohler.
Kohler Fountainhead Vibracoustic bath control

Kohler Fountainhead Vibracoustic bath details


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