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Automatic Bathtub by Stas-Doyer – Dulce bathtub

The benefits of hydromassage could become part of your daily routine with the Dulce bathtub – an automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer. A focus on strong performance means that the Dulce bathtub is available in the 130 model, which functions to massage 6 anatomical zones of the body, or the 230 version, which can massage these 6 zones, 2 at a time. With 180 jets of water, this automatic bathtub can reach all the parts a hot-tub would, whilst retaining a size that is convenient for one person. Therefore, the tub need not use too much water, but likewise has a 280 litre capacity should you wish to immerse yourself to the maximum depth. The attractive styling of the Dulce bathtub includes vivid chromotherapy lighting, which gives the tub a fun and futuristic appeal. With its programmable ability, health benefits and style, this automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer is a wonderful additional to any bathroom.



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