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Updated Fall Porch Décor For 2020

The year 2020 has done quite the number on us, most of us are stuck at home without much to do or even much socializing. Reason being why decorating your home has become so important. It’s no longer just a space where you get to relax, it’s become everything in between. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to keep yourself and your space as normal as possible.

What better way to do that then by decorating the exterior of your home to match the interior? Here is our updated fall porch décor for 2020, let us help brighten your home a little bit more this year.

Blend the new with the old

It’s all about keeping it simple yet making a statement in an effortless manner.

Most of us aren’t ready to let go of summer, and that is perfectly okay. In fact, if you aren’t ready to let go of your summer décor it’s time to consider the idea of bringing in fall bits and blending it all together.

The key is working with classic pieces and having them become the focus of the room. Pair your floral bits with a rug or fall throw pillows for that essence of fall that isn’t overwhelming.

Fall Wreath

The simple use of a wreath can give any decorative space the illusion of being more put together and engaging at once.

Easy is the way to go when you don’t want to do too much. Adding a simple fall wreath will give your porch a flair without being too obvious.

Plus it’s super easy to work with, you could even do it yourself if you want a more customized look or consider going traditional with a classic fall wreath that features leaves, acorns, or pumpkins in classic hues.

Dried Flowers

Keep the decor as bold as you feel necessary without going overboard or taking away from the decor you already have.

Dried flowers are an excellent option when you want to spruce up a room without having to stick to classic elements. They’re a bit edgier as they thrive in cooler weather and don’t need maintenance.

It’s one of those items you can easily use and forget about. Furthermore, they come in an array of colors making them even easier to work around. Add marigolds for a classic fall approach that is chic and charming at once.

Refresh your Lighting

Work with a rustic metal for an artisanal approach towards your fall decor

With more foot traffic around the cooler months, it’s quite important to refresh your light fixtures. Refreshing them will not only give you more serenity in knowing your walkway is well lit, but it allows you to work with a new color palette.

Consider working with fixtures that have a gold finish or rose gold for a warmer touch. Or change your light bulbs to give off a warm cast than they normally would.

Symmetry, Please

To complete a symmetrical vibe add candles. It will instantly do the trick without going overboard.

If there is one tip, we can give that you will take from this post it is- symmetry. Symmetry is key when it comes to decorating any space especially a porch. You want to keep both sides of your stairs perfectly symmetrical.

Doing so will not only make the space look more elegant but it creates a focal point. Bring in large pieces and work them on both sides while having smaller ones be the accent touch. Add a bold dose of color to complete the vibe with a fall/Halloween touch.


Work with real and faux pumpkins for a whimsical approach that makes any room come to life with a unique appeal.

There comes a time where you must face the fact that pumpkins are a must during fall- this is the time. Whether you love pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie, or pumpkin ice cream, this particular vegetable is all the rage during the fall. That includes using it as décor.

However, this time around you want to get personal. The idea is to make the pumpkins feel apart of the space and not as if they don’t belong. Therefore, paint them the color of your home, or paint your address on them, either or it should feel like an essential aspect.

Mixed Metals

If you’re ever in doubt, of what shades of metallic to use, always go for the shade that’s closest to the shades you have displayed. It will make decorating twice as easy.

Just like we advertise the idea of mixing metals indoors, we also love the idea of taking it outdoors. The key is working with multiple metals and having them work together.

It’s all about making them feel unified without going overboard. Bring in bits of gold, rose gold, silver, and rust metal to complete the look. Pair in multiple bits of all three metals and allow them to make a statement on their own while working with other minimal décor.

Seasonal Seating

The simple act of adding a few throw pillows on your bench will instantly give it a warmer feel without overtaking the space or what you want to do with the room.

Most individuals have some type of outdoor seating that remains on their porch all season long, if you already have a chair or two its time to replace them for a bench. During the cooler months, you want to consider having cozier furniture.

Not only will it make you want to spend more time outdoor’s but it will also give your space a more alive feel. Work in a cozy bench and add throw pillows, doing so will instantly make your outdoors come to life with a fall vibe.


The more white elements you incorporate the grander the area. Make the area feel easy by going chic yet bold with your white pieces.

For a soft color palette that will not take away from the décor you already have to bring in shades of white. Whether that is through white flowers, pumpkins, or adding white Halloween décor.

Having a white display will make any space feel grand while being quite charming for the season. Furthermore, add bits of silver to complete the look in an effortless manner.

Add color

The more color the bolder your display of fall will be. Go big for that daring space everyone will be talking about

When in doubt, a colorful twist is all you need. Having a colorful touch can make any décor come to life. Work with an array of colorful elements and display them effortlessly.

Add bright shades of orange, red, plums, green, and yellow for that fall feel that surrounds the entire room. Fill containers with these shades for that seamless touch that oozes modern.

Which of these fall porch ideas will you be incorporating into your porch? Share with us your ideas below.   


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