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10 Fall Door DéCor Options That Aren’t Wreaths

Fall: the air gets crisper the leaves change color, and new décor is in order. Fall is one of the best seasons to decorate your home for. There is an extensive selection of decorations that you can choose from. However, one of the most popular fall door décor options are wreaths. Over the years wreaths have become the number one decorative aspect in a home for the fall season. In fact, many will say they only use wreaths to decorate with. Instead of only decorating your home with wreaths this fall, here are a few options that will put your home in the fall spirit.

Basket of Apples

Add a cute sign stating what fruit or veggie you have hanging from your door if you want your guests to take one. Consider having other fall favorites in your front area to complete the fall look. Flowers with rich color work best as they add to your fall decor.

If apple picking happens to be your favorite part of fall, this is the perfect door décor for your home. Although it is a heavier décor option, it is one of the cutest options. Hang a basket filled with apples or even small pumpkins to bring the fall feel from the moment your guests arrive at your door.

Welcome Basket

If you do not want to use a heavy basket consider having one made out of a thinner material. You will still have the same fall feel without the heaviness of a basket. To complete the look have other fall elements around such as pumpkins.

Forget a welcoming wreath, use a welcome basket instead. Use a lightweight basket and fill it with fall flowers such as Oak Leaf Hydrangeas, Blue Star Amsonia, Beautyberry, and/or Sumac. These flowers bloom well in the fall weather and don’t need much care. Having them in a basket allows you to cover any pots or you can also use fake fall flowers for an arrangement that will remain beautiful all-year-round.

Wooden Tags

Wooden tags are great or getting creative. You can make them an all-day family event where everyone gets to paint a wooden tag as they wish in fall or Halloween decor. Doing so will allow you to have multiple different holiday decor options.

Nothing screams your excitement for fall quite like oversized wooden tags. Take wooden tags that are a bit oversized and write a simple message that will make your guests excited to enter your home. Choose messages such as “Give Thanks, Happy Fall, Welcome Home, or a simple Thank you”.{found on Etsy}.

Hanging Letters

Fall and Halloween decor does not always have to be bold and bright with color. If you prefer a more understated take on your door use the color black. Black is an excellent take on fall decor as it can also be considered Halloween related.

Have fun and make this decorative option a fun DIY. Take large letters that spell the word “Fall” and get creative. You can choose to decorate them with Halloween decal, fall décor, or even paint them bold colors that bring the fall vibes directly to your door. If you want to go a little more-subtle, consider painting them a warmer color such as rich burgundy, burnt orange, or even sage. These colors scream fall without being overbearing.

Painted Pinecones

If you must include a wreath what better way to do it then with pinecones. Using painted pinecones to create a wreath is a trendy and modern way of getting both color and a festive take on the outdoor decor space.

Pinecones are an epitome of fall. They fall from trees such like fall leaves so collecting them can become a family project.  Collect a few pinecones and paint them colors of fall this will add an extra layer of color to your door while being a fun little décor object.

Wooden Sign

Add a few fall pieces to truly make your sign feel part of your fall decor. This is a more rustic way of having something different hanging on your door for the fall season.

Wooden signs are great as they are rustic and easy to do. Purchase or cut a slice of wood and even use chalkboard paint or a twist of fun then write a cute sign on it and hang on your door. Your guests will be intrigued by this idea as it is easy to make but makes such a bold statement all at once. It is also an excellent way of having a bit of fall without adding color instead just a rustic touch.

Foliage Upgrade

Take your entire front space to the next level by incorporating fall and holiday items together. If you choose to have a wreath consider having one made out of pumpkins, and leaves this will give you the wreath feeling while elevating the appearance of it. Add lanterns for a modern take on your front door space.

After hanging your door décor, it is time to upgrade your entryway as well. Line your entryway with leaves or even small pumpkins to really make a statement. This will take your outdoor space to a completely new level. It will also share with your neighbors how excited you are for fall.

Small Pumpkins

Small pumpkins can be difficult to find or you may not find them as interesting to hang on your door consider using fake pumpkins instead. If you decide to use fake pumpkins choose ones that are larger in size and are painted in interesting colors, or patterns and place them in an interesting layout.

Pumpkins are great to use as fall decoration, especially small ones. Take a few small pumpkins tie them together with burlap or string and hang them up. You can also choose to paint them for a fun twist on a fall classic.

Garden Rack

Take last years rack add bold colors and leaves and you have the ultimate fall decor. This is one of the most modern take on another fall decor option that is not a wreath. If you want to take it a step further add a welcome sign and make your guests feel part welcomed to your home.

Last year’s rack can make the ultimate fall door décor. Take your garden rack apart and only use the head. Decorate the head with burlap, fall flowers, and even wheat. This will give you the ultimate fall feel as you are incorporating all the fall favorites in one. It’s the perfect rustic substitution for a wreath.

Monogram Letters

When it comes to monogrammed door decor the more creative you get the better. There is something very personal about upgrading your door decor into a monogram fall decor that includes something personal about you. Something such as a bow or even having the monogram being your favorite color.

Monogram letters can always be fun, especially if you personalize them. Personalize them for the fall season by using fall colors or wrapping them in burlap. Burlap is super low maintenance, which is exactly what you want when you are using it for your outdoor space.

Your door does not need to be boring. In fact, you make the outside of your home look just as festive and personal as the outside of your home. Let us know which idea you like best for your fall door décor in the comments below.


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