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Kitchen Fall Decor Ideas That Are Simply Beautiful

With each season comes the new atmosphere and color palette that can help you transform and refresh the decor that already became too familiar. Bright shades of fall are rich and vibrant and never fail to captivate. In a modern home, fall decor may take a slightly subtler turn, though. White painted pumpkins, open cotton pods, and occasional fall blooms are becoming more widespread than the red fallen leaves and orange produce. In a quest to dress your modern kitchen for the season, however, don’t forget that nature gives the gifts in droves, and you can still use the harvest for implementing your kitchen fall decor ideas.

Kitchen decorated for fall
Subtle kitchen fall decor ideas via Nina Hendrick

Fall decorations can be much more explicit in a cottage-style kitchen similar to this one. But more subtle accents work just as well. It’s as if nothing really changed, but the little details like a small pumpkin or a jar of apples serve as clues and set the tone however gentle and unimposing.

Centerpieces That Make a Statement

Kitchen island fall centerpiece
Kitchen island fall centerpiece from Adventures in Decorating

Subtlety may work for some, but if you like fall’s reddish browns and flaming reds and yellows, it’s time to get serious about how to display all that beauty in style.

A centerpiece is the best way to make a statement. It may also be enough decor-wise. A basket of fake fruit and pumpkins sounds less appealing than it may look with a bit of additional styling and decorations. Becca of Adventures in Decorating added a rooster figurine and a vase of wheat ears to hers and it turned out beautifully. With this kind of centerpiece, you wouldn’t need any other decorations.

Eclectically Vintage kitchen fall decor ideas
Eclectically Vintage kitchen fall decor ideas

A tiered display doesn’t even require much styling. As you can see, a few pumpkins and a plant could be enough. A fall scarf seems more practical for photography purposes, but a few napkins definitely add to the composition.

Such kitchen island centerpiece is all you really need to declare that your kitchen is fall-ready. But an additional vase of fall blooms or fruit may reinforce it, although it seems hardly mandatory.

Ella Claire Inspired fall kitchen
Ella Claire Inspired kitchen fall decor ideas

A centerpiece doesn’t have to be purely decorative. Interacting with it on a daily basis may help it come to life and become more practical.

Fall Faux Pumpkins with Crystal Knobs
Fall Faux Pumpkins with Crystal Knobs from Aka Design

To glam up the rustic display, Shannon at Aka Design combined faux pumpkins and decorative door knobs with the help of glue and placed them under a crystal chandelier together with a vase of cotton pods and pheasant feathers.

The centerpiece looks rustic still, but with a few tweaks it could be turned into something more modern.

Punchy Counter Accents for Fall

Fall decor ideas for kitchen
Fall decor ideas for kitchen via How to Nest for Less

Don’t concentrate fall accents in one place, if you don’t want to. If you disperse the decorations around the kitchen, it will look no less beautiful and in the spirit of the season.

Here is where a white kitchen becomes a perfect blank canvas for any decorations you choose. It could be fiery orange pumpkins or pine cones and corn ears.

The Lily Pad Cottage fall kitchen
The Lily Pad Cottage fall kitchen

If you don’t want to overuse bright accents, however, you can pair them with neutral ones like Kelly of The Lily Pad Cottage blog did for her kitchen.

She paired the two white pumpkins with some rose hip and red apples, which turned out a fitting display for the wine rack console.

Kitchen fall decorations
Kitchen fall decorations via Decorchick

Decorations come and go, but a set of seasonal tableware may serve for years and not only in a purely practical way. Take a look at how Decorchick used her pumpkin painted plates to decorate this neutral kitchen for fall.

This is an ingenious solution and the one that may come in handy to those who don’t have much experience with DIY centerpieces and still life displays.

Kitchen fall decor ideas
Kitchen fall decor ideas via Pink Peonies

Speaking of which, a still life doesn’t have to be too elaborate to work. If you would like to add a few live accents to the counter, you just need them in different sizes and colors. Do not overcrowd a composition. Start with a simple set of two or three pumpkins.

This is very practical as well. The less decorations there are, the less you have to clean up or spend less time disassembling centerpieces.

Fall Cupboard Display

Kitchen cupboard fall decor ideas
Kitchen fall decor ideas from Kirkland’s

Not only kitchen islands and counters can get a seasonal dress. Cupboards are ideal for displaying faux pumpkins, vases, figurines, candles, signs, and other littlest details that go with the seasonal theme.

Here are two fall decor variations for a white kitchen cupboard that can either revel in fall’s warm hues or prepare you for the cooler darker winter.

Clean Scentsible fall kitchen style
Clean & Scentsible fall kitchen style

A dark cabinet can easily handle contrasting bright accents as shown by Jenn Lifford of Clean & Scentsible. She paired white tableware and red, orange, and yellow fall decorations that echoed those of the dining table.

At the side there is ladder filled with a box of napkins in matching white and orange sharing space with a bunch of cotton pods.

Fall accents for a kitchen cupboard
Fall accents for a kitchen cupboard via Clean & Scentsible

Here is another cupboard idea from Jenn. It is more rustic and traditional, but the tone is set by the cupboard itself.

Since it is made in natural wood that is yellowish brown, the white and green accents were chosen to contrast with it. Although a leaf garland and a wire basket of pine cones do appear sitting on the top of the furnishing.

Vases Full of Hues

Stone Gable Blog fall kitchen decor
Stone Gable Blog‘s fall kitchen decor

If you’re looking for an easier way still to decorate a kitchen, there is always a trusty vase that can hold anything from colorful maize to simpler bloom bouquets or fallen branches.

Here is a perfect example of how two vases with simple fall compositions can transform a kitchen for fall.

Kitchen by Amoroso Design
Kitchen by Amoroso Design

A minimal kitchen design calls for a minimal display, but it doesn’t have to be small. Amoroso Design styled this kitchen with just a vase full of branches, but what vase that is!

The white walls and cabinets also allow the red orange leaves stand out and catch the eye.

Industrial grey kitchen with orange accents
Industrial grey kitchen with orange accents via Elle Decor

As we already mentioned, a set of seasonal tableware can go a long way in terms of both function and aesthetic. In this industrial chic kitchen, designer Steven Gambrel used it as a secondary accent to echo the stove, but the idea might as well work for seasonal decor.

A vase of matching blooms not only repeats those small decor accents, but also creates a gorgeous and lively focal point in the room.

White kitchen colored fall
White kitchen colored fall via In My Own Style

If minimalist kitchen can be decorated sparsely, a more elaborate design calls for more numerous accents, because a single decoration may look too poorly.

Simple orange kitchen towels and napkins hung around the countertops can do the trick.

Pumpkin Decor Accents

Kitchen fall decor
Kitchen fall decor ideas from Cook Republic

Pumpkins are the go-to fall decor accents, but if you think them too predictable it’s best to opt for something else like tableware and maize.

Pumpkins, live and faux, are incredibly decorative. They come in many hues and color combinations as well as sizes and shapes. You can also find them in bold chic velvet at Plush Pumpkins.

Colorful pumpkin decor
Colorful pumpkin decor via Eclectically Vintage

Faux pumpkins are more versatile color-wise. You can find the ones in navy blue and seafoam green, therefore, not needing to rely on just orange and yellow or even white.

They also go well with other fruits and vegetables in compositions and stand their own when simply put on display.

Kitchen island fall decor
Kitchen island fall decor via The Simply Luxurious Life

A white pumpkin is a favorite modern fall decor accent because it goes with every color scheme and looks a tad more sophisticated than its orange counterpart.

Place it anywhere as is and it will look gorgeous in spite of the lack of additional decorations.

A Pop of Pretty fall kitchen decor
Kitchen fall decor ideas from A Pop of Pretty

Blue pumpkins certainly defy nature, but how beautiful do they look paired with the white ones. Such simple display doesn’t stand out too much, but also helps bring the season home.

Jar fillers may also include maize, pine cones, acorns, and leaves. These look very organic on the counters, adding more detail to your kitchen fall decor.

Colorful Fall Blooms

Open plan kitchen decorated for fall
Open plan kitchen decorated for fall Fariouscp

Fall is characterized not only by harvest but also the abundance of blooms. Red, purple, orange, and yellow blooms can instantly color your kitchen autumnal.

Fire star dianthus, chrysanthemums, and nemesias look great on their own and don’t require any additional decorations. But you can always rely on produce to supplement fall decor.

Town n Country Living fall kitchen style
Town n Country Living fall kitchen style

A basket of orange blooms or a vase filled with drumstick flowers aren’t just in fall spirit, they bring along a rustic feel to the place.

Baskets and squash complete the rustic kitchen design that was originally done in country style.

Industrial chic kitchen decorated for fall
Industrial chic kitchen fall decor ideas via Laurel and Wolf

Even a cold industrial kitchen can benefit from the bright warm autumnal accents. Here, the dining table is colored yellow orange with blooms and citrus fruit. The counters far behind, however, house jewel-toned vase fillers.

With the winter fast approaching, be sure to enjoy every bit of warmth even if only from the sight of the burnt orange leaves or a fragrant flavour of pumpkin pies.


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