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Unique Bathroom Sinks – cool unusual washbasins from Arredo

UK-based company Arredo has offered some really cool washbasins that’ll leave you lingering a little longer in the lavatory. The lover of all things modern will really appreciate these Italian unique bathroom sinks. The Drag and the Net washbasins are unusual, ceramic deck-mounted designs featuring gentle curves and a modern, minimalist look with no overflow and no tap holes. These unusual washbasins stands out for their artistic appeal. (Drag: £283.00; Net: £263.00)
The Link washbasin is another unique bathroom sink that’s wall-mounted with an integrated lower shelf for a really unique look. The ceramic washbasin comes with the choice of one tap hole or none at all, and is available in a left-hand and right-hand design. (Retail price: £778.00)
Play is an under-mount washbasin equipped with an overflow and an optional ceramic drain cover for a sleek, chic look. This cool, ceramic washbasin is a work of art! (retail price: £291.00)
The Zena washbasin offers yet another unique design look that is built-in and out from the countertop. This ceramic bathroom sink is simple, with no overflow or tap holes, with a clean, modern oval shape that screams “serenity!” (Retail price: £247.00)
Visit Arredo to view more unusual sink designs.


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