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Undercounter Lavatory from Kohler Artist Editions

kohler artist editions marrakesh Undercounter Lavatory from Kohler Artist Editions
Bring eastern splendour to contemporary bathrooms the Kohler Artist Editions Top Art Lavatories allow you to express a unique individual style. Each Top Art Undercounter Lavatory uses geometric patterns to create visually stunning effects. From the serene monochromatic Tog & Thel to the exotic eastern mosaics of the Marrakesh and the feminine beauty of the Indian Maharani, the Kohler Artist Editions radiate international character and extraordinary style. Each Kohler style includes both an undercounter lavatory and a decorative countertop for a seamless integrated design. In the Moorish inspired Marrajesh and the Indian Maharani there are even matching patterned faucets. Beautiful exotic countertops and vanities, the Kohler Artist Editions capture your imagination with international flavours.

kohler artist editions maharani Undercounter Lavatory from Kohler Artist Editions



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