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Countertop Lavatory from Kohler – new Vessel Lavatories range

The bathroom countertop is getting a style makeover with the new Vessels countertop lavatory range from Kohler. These contemporary lavatories are all modern by design, each boasting its own unique claim to fame. Made of vitreous china, the charming Vessels collection includes the Leaf, Fit, Rondé and Boticelli lavatories – fashionable and functional all at once.
The Leaf lavatory features fantastic form in its distinctive turned-up edges that resemble a leaf’s natural curves. The white finish makes it a perfect match for any modern bathroom. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Fit features a clean edge with its sharply square shape and practical simplicity. The Rondé makes its modern mark in the contemporary bathroom with a perfectly round vessel and a shallow bowl that looks like it was made for your countertop. Last but not least, the Botticelli lavatory is a true masterpiece, executed in white marble and featuring a gently curved bowl with a rounded lip, giving it a naturally beautiful appeal.
For more on the new Vessels Lavatories, visit Kohler.

Leaf Vessels Lavatory
Fit Vessels Lavatory
Rondé Vessels Lavatory
Botticelli Vessels Lavatory


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