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Kitchen Trends 2009 – “kitchen within a kitchen” concept by Troy Adams Design

Introducing new Kitchen Trends for 2009, by Troy Adams Design … As a paradigm of entertaining, hostesses of the 60s’ welcomed their guests with an ample dose of hospitality illustrated in their domestic skills, like whipping up multi-course meals and decadent desserts—all while keeping a pristine appearance and even more immaculate home. Fast forward to the present and a new concept for kitchen design has been introduced, which reaps the same result without all the work. The creator of FusionDesign, Interior Designer Troy Adams has become popular for his “kitchen within a kitchen” concept. This philosophy entails an open-plan entertaining kitchen in the main living area with a professional kitchen tucked away behind closed doors. The key is to play up the entertaining kitchen which is sleek, minimalist and high-end and conceal the clutter and preparation aspects in the working kitchen.
Regardless of size, the most important role of the “for show” kitchen is to impress. While, the other kitchen serves as the workhorse. While, a home with just one kitchen could showcase high-end appliances, luxe finishes and upscale cabinetry, it will always be restricted by practicality. Break the kitchen into two and you are left with the best of both worlds.
Shown are some of the products Adams has designed for the “kitchen within a kitchen.”
1. Make a functional element appear formal. The TansuChill with Hidden Pantry is a Sub-Zero refrigerator with freezer and built-in wine storage area masked as a piece of high-end, furniture in exotic wood. The hidden walk-in pantry allows for organized storage.
2. His Total Cooktop features a cooktop, microwave, prep sink, and other appliances – but they are disguised in drawers and underneath sliding counters for an aesthetically pleasing design.
3. The TansuChest is a contemporary piece of furniture that doubles as a butler’s pantry.
4. The HiddenScreen Media Cabinet is designed as a wall mounted flat-screen TV enclosure and media storage space that conceals the television and doubles as a piece of art.

Prep Area is hidden behind natural screen


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