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Modern Pantry Ideas That are Stylish and Practical

Pantry is probably one of the best ways to organize your kitchen. Forget the countless cabinets, as one good pantry can save space, and open the place up. Modern pantry ideas are all about style and efficiency. Sure, you can hide your mess in there, but a well-organized, displayable pantry is a great motivation to keep things in order.

Cheap Modern Pantry Ideas

Open pantry
Open pantry via Design Sponge

Let’s start with the most straightforward example. This open shelving looks perfect in a modern farmhouse style kitchen with concrete floors and sleek furnishings.

Copper pots and weaved storage baskets add a rustic modern touch to it, while the display shelves encourage order and neatness.

Shelving pantry
Shelving pantry via Those Patterned Walls

Another similar concept features wooden wall-mounted shelves contrasting perfectly with the subway tiled walls.

There is no strict division between tableware, spices, and utensils, but they are all impeccably organized, and make for a decorative cafe-like display.

Kitchen island pantry
Kitchen island pantry via Mapego

When you don’t have much floor space to spare, you can really take advantage of your kitchen island. Storage-friendly designs are becoming more and more popular right now.

Of course, it may not be as convenient to bend over each time you need to find something, but it gets the job done.

Cabinet Pantry Designs

Wooden pantry cabinet
Wooden pantry cabinet from Teddy Edwards

Your house doesn’t have a kitchen room closet? A kitchen pantry cabinet/organizer is in order. Stylish and designed with a purpose, it can fit in nicely with your kitchen cabinetry without standing out much.

Designer cabinet pantries come with a pre-organized system inside of them, so all you really have to do is fill them up, and put things in place to avoid confusion.

Closet pantry
Closet pantry via Home and Interiors

Thanks to their differing interiors, you can choose how stringent your organization will be.

Here, smaller weaved storage baskets make numerous categories by which you can divide your food. And unlike the one before it, this one makes the most of the interior space.

Sleek kitchen pantry
Sleek kitchen modern pantry ideas via InsideOut

A pantry doesn’t have to contain only food. This attractive, sleek closet makes for a perfect home bar, its double-fold doors partially advertising what’s inside.

Also, why not borrow the mirror from a home bar to brighten up a small pantry and make it seem bigger?

Alcove Pantry Designs

Minimalist pantry
Minimalist pantry by Palmerston Design

Wall shelves come in various shapes and forms. One of the best ways to save space is to use wall niche shelves that make for a sleek, minimalistic look.

If your kitchen doesn’t have structural niches and you don’t want to create them, look for spaces like stairs that naturally create nooks and outfit them for storage.

Contemporary kitchen pantry
Contemporary kitchen pantry by Statkus Architecture

A pantry closet or alcove doesn’t have to be deep. A few rows of thin floating shelves can be enough to deal with a usual load of food supply.

Take note of how both Palmerston Design and Statkus Architecture punctuated the pantry space with black in their white kitchens.

The Bondi Barn pantry
The Bondi Barn modern pantry ideas by Robert Plumb Project

Another such contrasting design from Robert Plumb Project again proves how great of a design solution this is. Also, those oversized door handles add style points to the kitchen.

Other ways to make your pantry wall stand out include patterned wallpaper and decorative wall coverings.

Frosted glass pantry doors
Frosted glass pantry doors via HGTV

If you don’t want to show off your monthly food stash, an alcove requires a door or a pair. Sliding barn doors are very popular even in the most modern homes, but there are plenty of other options.

Glass doors are less in demand, but we conclude that a decorative pantry door may become a focal point and a designing element in your kitchen.

Small Modern Pantry Ideas

Secret pantry
Secret pantry by Mark Williams

If you have even a small lot of space, you’re better off setting up a pantry there, because it will keep all of your food out of the way, freeing up space for tableware and utensil storage.

Organize it well, and it will look picture-perfect even with a door open. Mark Williams placed decorative storage baskets underneath the organized shelves to prevent floor clutter, and his secret pantry looks incredible.

Walk-in pantry with a sliding barn door
Walk-in pantry with a sliding barn door by Kristianne Watts

Kristianne Watts makes use of a sliding barn door in a white kitchen that can instantly turn a regular kitchen into a design dream.

Regardless of how cluttered and clogged your pantry is, an ornamental door will always save the situation.

Butler's pantry with wooden accents
Butler’s pantry with wooden accents by Jaime House via HGTV

Butler’s pantry is usually smaller than the closet type, so if you lack space it can become a wlcome compromise between a dinnerware cabinet and a snack bar.

Jaime House treated this butler’s pantry with some cool chevron wood tiles and a marble countertop. The result turned out amazingly luxurious with a touch of rustic modern design.

Small pantry
Small pantry via HGTV

Another way to decorate your small pantry is to add lighting to it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, although metallic pendants never hurt any interior.

This is especially helpful when your pantry doesn’t have any windows, and you have no means of telling a sriracha sauce bottle from that of a ketchup.

Freestanding Pantry Room Designs

Enclosed pantry
Enclosed modern pantry ideas via Blank and Cables

Since big industrial spaces often have a plain open layout, they may often benefit from a freestanding pantry structure.

Blank and Cables decided to use tempered glass to build this contemporary glass and metal pantry in a modern San Francisco home. They kept the interior as light as the structure itself. And the glass wall by which the pantry stands provides it with all the lighting it may require.

Freestanding pantry
Freestanding pantry by Design Platform

Design Platform shows another example of a loft-style dwelling with a freestanding pantry that not only provides storage space but also divides different areas.

Separated from the rest of the kitchen with smoked glass sliding doors, the cubic structure look modern and stylish.

Glass Pantry Ideas

Frosted glass pantry doors
Frosted glass pantry doors by Luigi Rosselli Architects

This is the design we talked about in the beginning. A stylish pantry worthy of display separated with no more than glass. Although this particular design offers a discreet option as well.

Tiled feature wall makes for a restaurant-style atmosphere, while the pull out wooden drawers add a touch of rustic design to the smart black and white kitchen.

Modern black kitchen pantry
Modern black kitchen pantry by Vonder

Talk about drama. Finished with black wood planks, this contemporary kitchen puts the pantry on display with the sliding solid glass doors.

Overhead lighting makes for an alluring accent as if the sun itself shines from above to illuminate the green juicy melons and savoury pickles.

Glass pantry
Glass pantry by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Another pantry design partially disguises the contents with corrugated glass panes and familiar rustic drawers.

The similar wooden finish echoes them in the kitchen island, while the pantry extends above the upper cabinets to provide with more storage space.

Adjoining Kitchen Pantry

Breezy kitchen and pantry
Breezy kitchen and pantry by Heliotrope Architects

When space is scarce the galley kitchen with a pantry at one side may be just what you need to get a kitchen that both looks sophisticated and can house it all.

Cubby shelving is a perfect option here, because it is affordable and capacious. It can stretch from wall to wall, and provide each and every food type and tableware with its own dedicated space.

Contemporary pantry with an atrium
Contemporary pantry with an atrium by A.D.D. Concept + Design

A.D.D. Concept + Design solved the claustrophobia of a galley kitchen with the use of an atrium and an entire wall of windows.

Even though the walkway between the sink and the pantry is narrow, the kitchen still feels airy and open thanks to them.

Simple Modern Pantry Ideas

Pot and pan pantry
Pot and pan pantry by Elan Kitchens

Modern manufacturers offer various pantry designs. This one by Elan Kitchens looks like a perfect place for things like pots, pans, and other utensils that usually clutter the cabinets and backsplashes in kitchens.

Take note of the side inbuilt wine storage that allows to both store wine in droves as well as display it. Perfect modern design.

Hanging open pantry
Hanging open pantry by Arclinea

While a closet (room or furniture) requires some floor space and a kitchen island may have already been bought sans drawers, an overhead stainless steel pantry could solve the space problem, and also become a decorative display.

As you can see modern pantry ideas are very different, and don’t seem to abide by any certain design rules. You create them wherever you’ve got space, and you don’t have to always hide them behind closed doors.


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