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Tile Mural Backsplash – new Sculptural Tiles by Ann Sacks

A gorgeous idea for your tile mural backsplash, these stunning sculptural tiles by Ann Sacks have an original, organic feel. If you love handcrafted tiles, you’ll adore this type of tile mural backsplash made using the Italian Old World technique of sgraffito. Each tile is a work of art! Meaning ‘to scratch’, sgraffito is a time-honoured method. First, clay is laid over a surface to achieve its sculptured, bumpy surface. Then wet clay is brushed on and a pattern is carved in relief. Shown here are the Nautilus and Dahlia designs. Nautilus, with its plant and shell pattern comes in delicate shades of green and would be perfect in a bathroom, for example. The vivid Dahlia tiles fit together to form a fabulous floral mural, in oranges and reds. To bring an unforgettable piece of Italian ceramic heritage home, contact Ann Sacks about these sculptural tiles.



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