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Luxury Faucets from THG Paris – new Bernardaud Porcelain faucet collection

Introducing the most recent collection by THG featuring Bernardaud porcelain. THG’s new collection demonstrates that fine hand-crafted porcelain – while elegant as tableware – can take on a fresh new aesthetic in the bath. Famous for their pairing of precious materials with their opulent faucetry, illustrated in their use of Lalique crystal, THG has introduced new faucet and fixture designs outfitted in dainty Bernardaud porcelain. The Capucine Series introduces Bernardaud’s mascot – the butterfly – which is painted onto the clover-shaped white porcelain handles of the THG faucet. The series includes the Capucine Mauve, rich with saturated mauve butterflies and the Capucine Vert, a refreshing alternative with green butterflies. The Passion, which is free of motifs – combines the femininity of the clover-shaped taps with the architectural savvy of the right angled, geometric spout. The classically chic Ithaque Series demonstrates the adept craftsmanship of Bernardaud porcelain and is ornately sculpted and stamped with metallic medallion studs. Lastly, there is the timeless Marquise line featuring spherical cross handles which are adorned in a dignified bay leaf garland. The combination of fine chinaware with handcrafted THG fixtures in precious metal finishes exudes an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.



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