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Collection O Bathroom Faucets from THG Paris


Collection O through Studio Putman combines the creatives of Christofle, the late Andree Putman and THG. The “O” design was originally introduced by Putman for Christofle in 2002 as part of the Vertigo collection but its popularity with modern and contemporary design aficionados has kept this simple yet poignant design feature alive and going strong. The “O” has now been expanded into its own “Collection O” for a beautifully fluid bathroom faucet and tap set that is available in a variety of chrome and gold finishes. This clean lined gooseneck faucet mirrors the ring shape of the handles for a curvaceous statement that would be absolutely stunning on any vanity. I love the inclusion of a rounded soap bar in this photo as a repeating element to the faucet and tap set.


Collection O is not limited to counter tops, as seen here they can be used wall mounted. Installed this way over a vessel sink the curvy undulations of the rings cause them to appear as if they are slowly drifting downward.

Bathtubs are also a great place to feature Collection O. What better way to add visual interest to the edge of a free standing soaker tub then by highlighting it with this graceful and fluid design.
Thumbnail image for collection-o-bathroom-faucets-thg-paris-4.jpg

The Collection O handle is so well designed that up close and personal one would think it was a free standing sculpture worthy of any art collection.
Collection O


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