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Target Ceramic Tiles from Lubna Chowdhary – Whimsical Fun for Your Walls

These whimsical ceramic tiles by Lubna Chowdhary are right on “target” when it comes to adding some spice to a mundane space. This line of Target ceramic tiles is very whimsical and tons of fun, the perfect choice for the homeowner that wants to make a bold statement. This line comes in four colorways that can easily be incorporated into an existing palette, including blue/green, red/orange, multicolored (pictured), and neutral. Individual tiles are glazed in layers to create charming variations, giving this line a distinctive hand-crafted appearance and making each one quite unique. Each features a playful pattern of concentric circles in a variety of colors that becomes a brilliant and textural work of art when combined with other Target tiles. They are ideal for mixing with solid ceramics as well, as unexpected accents that make any ordinary tile surface extraordinary. This line comes in several sizes and prices points: 100X100X9mm for $25.50ea., 60X60X8mm for $12ea., and 50X50X9 for $12ea. For additional inquiries, contact Lubna Chowdhary via e-mail.


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