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Suspended Hammock Set With Table By Trinity

Designed by a small Canadian company and built by tribal craftsmen in Thailand and Cambodia as part of an effort to better their standard of living, this hammock structure from Trinity Hammocks satisfies both the stylistic and human side of choosing a piece of furniture. The most modern of the company’s offerings, this stainless-steel creation would look right at home on your deck or at your poolside. Based on the intersection of three rings leaning upon each other, each individual hammock has its own unique point of entry. The hammocks themselves are made from your choice of either hand-woven yarn or quilted cloth, each of which is suited to a different style of use. A teak wood table hangs suspended by three wires at the center of the apparatus, the perfect place for drinks or a book. That teak finish is also seen at the ends of each hammock, where it is used to widen their ropes.
The hammock set’s overall shape is dynamic and suggests lightness, but this is actually a heavyweight, unlikely to be blown away be even the harshest of ocean winds. All the metal is real stainless steel, and each material is chosen for utmost quality. Every of these “Infinity” hammocks costs around $5000, a testament to how much work and material effort is put into its construction. A single unit has its components made by hand in Asia, which are then shipped to North America for storage before being sold worldwide. It’s a socially responsible luxury, and an attractive modern addition to any outdoor space.

Trinity Hammocks


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