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Study Room Interior Design: Inspiring Idea

What an inspiring interior design this study room has. The study belongs to house “B3”, one of the 20 houses in a residential project by Atelier FCJZ. The built-in library unit is very majestic and you can feel an Asian influence behind it and the whole interior in general. What is most striking about this room is the decision to continue the library pattern onto the ceiling. It adds an incredible amount of interest and gives this grand room a cozier feel – one that is typical when we think of a study. Another lovely touch is the ambient lighting around the ceilings’ edge, which also serves to accent the architectural features of the ceiling. This room begs for quiet study time, inner reflections and gentle productivity – all things you want in a study – all thanks to the thoughtful design. For more inspiration from this project, see Atelier FCJZ’s website.
via Designboom


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