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Stainless Steel and Bronze Tiles – The Lineage Tile Line from Flux Studios

The Lineage line of stainless steel and bronze tiles by Flux Studios has been carefully handcrafted to suit virtually every application imaginable. From walls or floors, wet or dry, indoors or out, residential or commercial, these stainless steel and bronze tiles are an ideal solution for any tiling need you might have. These products are 100% metal, and each has been cut, tooled, and polished by hand, creating subtle variations that give each tile a distinctive character – what Flux Studios proudly describe as “rustic yet refined.” They feature no chemical treatments or finishes, yet are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel products are resistant to oxidation and maintain a beautiful luster, while the bronze products develop a rich, natural patina over time that adds to the warmth and texture that these tiles bring to a room. The Lineage line also boasts a wide variety of tile sizes, types, and patterns to fulfill every need. The line includes insets, liners, blanks, and even cabinet knobs in various patterns, all of which are available in the metal of your choice. These tiles are highly effective when used on their own or as stylish accents, the perfect accessory for any decor. Available now from Flux Studios.


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