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Spektra Woven Vinyl Flooring by Bolon is durable and dynamic!

Bolon Spektra flooring
Swedish company Bolon presents the sensational, touchable Spektra woven vinyl flooring. It has the feel of textile carpeting, but the hard-wearing woven vinyl means that the flooring will stand the test of time. It is especially appropriate for high traffic areas such as hallways, and is easy to maintain. In additional, this material lends a vivid colour combination to the flooring, and also a fascinating metallic sparkle when viewed from certain angles. The rainbow of Spectra unfolds across the floor to express your own sense of fun and creativity. Characterised by a lively, but geometric pattern, the Spektra floor is totally unselfconscious, and always a centre of attention! Bolon know that flooring is the foundation of a room, they say; ‘It is the backdrop creating an invisible aura and a major feature in the overall design of a room’. The Specktra woven vinyl flooring is certainly no exception!


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